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Creepypastas! Ready to be Scared?

Bed time stories, urban legends or ghost stories have been told for many generations; some were told to prevent a child mischievousness, teach a lesson or simple scare a child or friend. Well this “tradition” has continued, but today many stories are told in the Internet. In recent years Creepypasta have become extremely, these are ghost, urban legends, scary stories told in the internet. This post will describe 3 Creepypasta that are might not be the scariest one, but are very possible to happen.


In this creepypasta a blogger tells events that occurred in his childhood, this are events that happened in 1999. While flipping through the channels the Canadian local, Elliot, discovered channel Caledon local 21. This was a poorly made tv show with an awkward and disturbing episodes. In the tv episodes we are introduce to: Mr. Bear, Booby the Hand, Soup and Spoon.
This four characters were disturbing and continuously inviting the viewers to the cellar (where the episodes were being broadcast); in the cellar, bloody violent mutilations, hostage situations and even deaths occurred.
It is later discovered that Mr. Bear is mentally unstable person (men) who is under investigation for the death and disappearance of 16 victims, by the end of the creepypasta it is revealed that 7 children who visited Mr. Bear Cellar were burnt to a crisp. Even though this is a “fake” story, many have consider the possibilities of this story being true.

A Story to Scare My Son

A child is distracted playing video games, to get his attention the father tells his son a scary story. The boy replies, “Dad will this be another one of your boring cautionary tales?” Like many past parents, the father in this creepypasta uses scary stories to reinforce values, teach lessons about safety and awareness; single parents should use all available to educate their children.
The child request his dad to tell him a really scary story, the father begins telling him how once upon a time there was a boy (Colby) who meet a friend online, Helper23, they boy and the stranger began to bond in an online game and form a strong relationship. The boy birthday soon comes and Helper23 ask for his home address in order to deliver him a gift. Even though Colby had have been told many times this was a bad idea, but he did so any ways.
The next night the boy hurt by his conscious, the boy confess this act to his parents, that he gave their home address to a Helper23; the stranger turns out be a killer, who murder Colby’s parents and then turn to attack the boy. After several hours of attacking the boy, he heard the baby cry in the next room. When the murderer held the baby, he had a change of heart, he took the baby home, name him William and raise him as his own.
Curiously the boy who at the beginning of the story did not pay attention to his father is named William.

Jeff the Killer

This creepypasta is constantly changing but a few things stay the same; Jeff was a normal average teenager, who had recently move into a new neighborhood. Jeff live with his father and mother as well as his big brother Liu.
Everything was going well for Jeff until one day at a bus stop he meet Randy, Keith and Troy; three local bullies. At this event they steal Liu wallet, not happy with what just happen attacks the 3 bullies. Jeff is actually strong enough to defeat the three of them, the next morning police men arrive at his home wanting to arrest Jeff. To protect his younger brother Liu takes the blame and is arrested.
A few days later Jeff visit a local birthday party, here is where everything goes bad, to party Randy, Keith and Troy arrive. Here they brutally attack Jeff, causing multiple wounds, bleeding and even gunshots. In all Jeff so how is surviving and even winning; he tackles and kills Randy, to “avenge” his friend Keith and Troy continue to attack Jeff and one point burn his face.
Somehow Jeff is alive and is taken to the hospital, he recovers and soon goes home; during his stay in the hospital Liu had have been release from prison. This stress broke Jeff mind turning him into a serial killer. After a few days in his home, Jeff carve a permanent smile into his face, cut off his eyelids and began to look and admire his new face.
When his mother enter the room Jeff snap and kill, then he kills his father and finally his brother, Jeff final words were: “Shhhhhhh, go to sleep.”

Slender Man

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Among many, many more...

This are only a few of the many CREEPYPASTA that have been develop in recent years, we invite you to tell us which ones are your favorites ones, which one keep you awake at night. As mention in the beginning these might not be the scariest stories, but are some of the most probable ones:

  • a secret government experiment
  • a tall figure that kidnaps children in wood or in the dark
  • a crazy person who invites young children to tv show
  • a person who snaps after being bully or passing through a stressful situation
  • an ex-murderer with a change of heart, who raises his victims child as his own

These are all things that we have heard of once either on the news, a cautious parent or friends; so be careful out there or you might become the next creepypasta.