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Civic Holiday

In the month of July Canada celebrate a very special holiday, Canada Day. During this day Canadians commemorate “Canada’s Birthday”; it is common to see communities across the country organizing numerous of celebrations. However, the celebrations and fun don’t have to stop in July, in fact they can continue to the next month; on August we can all get together and celebrate: Civic Holiday Day.

Once again we can all come together and have a great time with family and friends.

Civic Holiday

The Civic Holiday a holiday observed in most provinces and territories of Canada on the first Monday of August. Several reference for this holiday exist, some dating from the mid. 1850s; when communities in the upper region of Canada got together and began to celebrate in public and in unity the end of summer.

This holiday is unique compare to others, unlike other holidays that are celebrated in one specific form; Civic Holiday, can be celebrated in a unique and personal way throughout the different regions in Canada.

Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, municipals use this day to have natal celebrations through the day.


Citizens in Alberta use this holiday to perform cultural activities, for example:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Crafts
  • Outdoor Literature
  • Sporting Events
  • Recreational Pursuits
  • Cuisine


Municipals in Ontario use this day to commemorate and celebrate historical figures who contribute in the founding of their communities.


The city of Newfoundland uses this holiday as an additional summer holiday and does not always celebrate it on the first Monday of August.


For Labrador, Civic Holiday is an additional summer day for them to spent time with family and friends; allowing them to make memories.

How to Celebrate

Do you have any idea how you will celebrate this holiday? From what region of Canada are you?

Regardless the region, Sani Dental Group wants you to celebrate with your family and friends; we understand the important of seeing those whom you haven’t seen in years. Make paintings, dance with your friends, plays sports (don’t forget to use your mouth-guard) and above all have fun! :D

Our dental clinic understands that in order for you to have fun, the perfect smile cannot be missing. If lately you have been struggling with any oral inconvenience we in invite you to set-up an appointment with us.

Have that smile ready for this or any future celebrations.