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Brain Health & Friendships

Afraid of suffering mental problems, then Sani Dental Group invites you to deepen your friendships. In a previous post we explain who having a proper diet can reduce the risk of Dementia and its associated diseases. This week post will offer you more tips that will help you improve brain health; the secret: Friends.

Friendship and its Benefits

Follow your Passion

What sparks your interest? Whether you like to go to dance classes, cooking classes or other activities, there’s a chance you will meet many who share your passion. This is one way a great friendship can be born!

Help Out

Reaching out offers you a boost to your brain health. In addition to better brain health, volunteering can reduce stress and promote emotions like: joy and optimism. These emotions will strengthen your immune system and make you happy!

Sani Dental Group invites you to participate and volunteer in any of the local programs your community offers you.

Not Luck, but Work

Finding good friends doesn’t happen through luck, many time you need to be brave and reach out to new people. You can meet new people in the programs you volunteer, in the classes you take and even in the grocery store line. Another way to reach out is to invite people to your home for dinner, this act can strengthen your friendship and give you new ones.

Quality over Quantity

You don’t have to have many friends, just a few close good relationships will be fine. Keep in mind that is not the number of friends, but rather the memorable moments, this is what enriches the relationship. We invite you to strengthen and deepen your friendships.

Social Networks the New Frontier

Today social networks have become a growing tendency and these offer you a chance to meet new people, reconnect with old friends and overall strengthen them. But, wait are you afraid of technology? Then we invite to check cites like: SeniorNet, a web site that offers workshops on computer use and Internet safety. Don’t be afraid of technology make yours.

Stay Local

Through local community activities you can meet a wide variety of people who leave in the same city as you or nearby. Sani invites you to check your local listings, see what activities are available, attend these and chat with friends; if you meet someone new, write down their email or phone number and stay in touch.

Travel to New Horizons

Many want to grow old in the same place we have always live, but others might want to travel and explore new horizons. However, moving to another community offers you an opportunity to meet new people, create new memories and have fun! Another option to reach new horizons is to take a tour with a company (for example: Elder Treks and Road Scholar) leave the driving to others and enjoy the trip.

Yes is the Answer

When someone invites you either to tea, lunch, or a movie simple say yes. Saying yes offers you several opportunities to reach out, meet new people and have fun!

For the largest dental clinic in Los Algodones, your health and your dental health is our priority. To all our readers and patients we invite you to read and share this post with all your love ones. Reduce the risk of developing a brain diseases by enriching your friendships. Through our monthly Newsletter and our weekly blogs, we have introduced our readers to dental topics, cultural information, a wide variety of tips, customer reviews, exclusive promotions, and much, much more.