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Bone Loss - Am I at risk?

Once you lose a tooth you will continue to lose bone, this condition is called bone resorption. This dental problem affects about 28 million Americans, and increases the patient risk factor for tooth loss, bone loss, and periodontal disease, according to AGD. To restore your smile and prevent further damage, your dentist can offer you several options. If you feel pain in your jaw, and think that you are experiencing bone loss we invite to visit your local dentist and continue reading this post.  

Bone Resorption: What is It?

In this post we will use to 2 terms: teeth bone loss and dental bone loss; teeth bone loss will refer to the loss of jaw bone around the teeth or their roots and dental bone loss will refer to the loss of jaw bone in areas that are usually not directly associated with teeth. In some cases, both types of bone loss can occur in one’s jaw. There are causes that lead to bone resorption, on this post we will discuss 5 causes. 

Causes of Bone-Loss

Dental Cavitation is a dental disease that can form after a tooth extraction. It is basically a “hole” that forms on your jaw bone, and it can reach the size of a thumb. Cavitation infections are triggered when a tooth has been improperly extracted, this type of infection slowly destroys bone and causes both teeth and dental bone loss.

FACT: 80% of all extractions performed on adults can turn into cavitation infections.

When a tooth is extracted, the socket and jaw bone around it usually suffers some trauma (cracks or fractures), blood flow is reduced and this sets up the perfect stage for a cavitation to form. Come to Sani Dental Group and allow our team of dedicated specialists to treat your dental problems. 

Gum Infection is anything from a simple gum inflammation to a serious dental disease.  If this gum infection worsens, it can lead to serious oral damage. Gum disease is caused by the bacteria in our mouth, and this bacteria can turn into “plaque”, a sticky colorless paste that sticks on teeth and gums. When plaque is not removed, it can harden and form tartar. When tartar progresses, it can progress below the gumline and cause bone loss. 

FACT: Pockets of 5 millimeters or deeper can lead to bone deterioration and severe teeth bone loss. 

Tooth Infections is another cause that leads to teeth bone loss. The infection forms after your tooth had a cavity, a crack, or an injury.  If left untreated, the infection will spread, entering your tooth’s nerve endings, causing acute pain and swelling will be felt. When it becomes chronic, this tooth infection is called dental abscess.  

With a dental abscess, a bubble of cyst forms and the infection begins to destroy the bone. The cyst bubble is filled with pus, this pus can be released through a pimple like opening in the gums and affect surrounding teeth and tissue. It’s important to take immediate action when a cyst bubble ruptures, otherwise dental bone loss will occur and your jaw will become deformed. 

Tooth Extractions can also lead to teeth bone loss and dental bone loss. When a tooth is extracted a hole is left and when left untreated, the hole will affect surrounding bone and tissue. Neighboring teeth will shift and move; if the hole is not sealed correctly, bacteria can enter and the gum can get infected.

If one of your teeth needs to get extracted, call our patient coordinators, we will take care of all your oral needs and provide tips to prevent teeth bone loss or dental bone loss.

Tumors can cause damage to the surface of your jaw bones. Malignant tumors can originate in the jaw or spread from other sites of the body. If you notice persistent sores on the face, neck or mouth it could be an indication of oral cancer and a malignant tumor. For Sani Dental Group your oral health is important, we have several professional dentists capable of diagnosis oral diseases and able to offer several solutions. 

Los Algodones and their Dental Options

Los Algodones is one of Mexico’s leading cities in Medical Tourism and considered the capital of Dental Tourism. All of us are all entitled to affordable professional dental care, no one should ever suffer jaw bone loss or any other dental disease. 

Remember to visit your dentist in a regular basis. Nothing beats the professionals; regular visits to your dentist will improve your oral health and prevent teeth bone loss and dental bone loss. Through their expertise, dentists can detect oral problems before they become a major problem. Now if you are worried of having dental care in Los Algodones, Mexico, we invite you to read the following review.