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Beware of Bed Bugs

During the winter many of us will be in vacation either from school or from work, many will travel long distances in order to visit family or friends. Eventually many travelers will stay in a hotel or motel or with family. What many travels don’t know is of the recent increase infestation of Bed Bugs.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, bed-bugs, or bedbugs are parasitic insects of the cimicid family, these parasites exclusively feed on blood. Bed bugs are responsible for numerous of health problems, these include: allergic symptoms, psychological effects and skin rashes.

Even though bed bugs were mostly eradicated in the 1940, in recent years there has been an increase in the prevalence of these parasites. Researchers and clinical trials have believe that the use of pesticides and recent infestation of human habitats are the cause of the recent (1995) bed bug rise.

If we do a few preventive steps, we will be able to identify bed bugs and learn how to prevent there harmful effects.

Understanding Bed Bug

The best way to understand bed bugs and to know how these work, how these look and how these are able to get into your home.
These small reddish-brown bugs have a flat, oval body and they measure approximately ¼ of an inch. Other colors involve:

  • Nearly white
  • Light tan
  • Brown
  • Dark orange

When understanding bed bugs we must also know ways in which bed bugs are able to get into our home and be aware of the places where we will find the parasites once these are inside our home.

These parasites are able to enter your home through many ways, it can happen through your clothing, computer luggage or other belongings after you have stayed somewhere else.
If you have travel and have stayed at a motel or hotel, bed bugs can be present and attach to you or to your things. If you use public transportation you can also be at risk.

  • In some cases, bed bugs can be introduce through bats or birds.

Below, we present to you the most common places where bed bugs can be found:

  • In buildings where many occupants sleep or where there is frequent turnover (hotels or college dormitory).
  • These also wander in voids between walls and wire/pipe holes.
  • They also hide in cracks and crevices within a room or in furniture and other objects.
  • They hide-out in the bed frames, mattress and box spring; they will congregate in areas where people sleep.
  • Warm attracts Bed bugs, this include: DSL ports, laptops and netbooks.

Preventing Bed Bugs

  • Check for bed bugs before you unpack your purchase.
  • Separate contaminate clothes and place it into a plastic bags, avoiding further contamination and avoiding bugs to escape.
  • Thoroughly examine wood or upholstered furniture, bed bugs seem to prefer wood and fabric to plastic and metal.
  • Vacuum off luggage and other items that cannot be washed (washing them with hot, soapy water when necessary).
  • Wash and dry all soft furnishings, such as curtains, at high temperatures before using.
  • When staying at a hotel, change rooms immediately if you see any evidence of bed bugs.
  • When visiting family or hotels don't put your baggage on the bed, use the suitcase holder if provided.

When Traveling

In a recent survey by Orkin, 39% of renters said bed bugs are the pests they want to see the least in their homes, outranking all other pests. This concern is the same for travelers. Orkin also identified the Ten U.S. Cities with the worst infestations:

    1. Chicago
    2. Los Angeles
    3. Columbus, OH
    4. Detroit
    5. Cincinnati
    6. Cleveland
    7. Dayton, OH
    8. Washington, D.C.
    9. Denver
    10. Indianapolis

As we mention in the beginning of the post, many will travel this vacation season. Many travelers believe that only the scuzziest, dirtiest hotels get bed bugs and that they are pest safe because they stay in an exclusive hotel; but the truth is that all hotels get bedbugs from time to time, from the cheapest hostel to the finest five star resort.

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