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Where to Find the Best Implant Dentist in Los Algodones

You have been aware of your dental needs for a few months, now it’s time to take care of them. However, getting dental implants in the States is expensive, but you have an option, you can travel to the city of Los Algodones, Mexico.

Mexico is one of the most visited countries when talking about medical tourism.

Some of the reasons why Los Algodones, Mexico has become the capital of dental tourism include the affordable prices, the fact that you can take care of all your dental needs in one location, post-treatment care options, a professional team, reviews from other patients, and their experience.

What Clinic Should I visit?

In order to receive the best dental experience possible, you need to visit your best option.

When you visit Los Algodones, you will find more than 300 dental clinics within a few blocks. How will you know what dental clinic you should visit?

In order to make the best decision, you will need to do a little research, make a few calls, or send a few e-mails. A few key points you should look out for include: clinical credentials, their prices, the experience they offer, reviews they have, and post-treatments they offer.

Credentials - Quality work you can see and trust 

When filtering your options, search for a dental clinic with outstanding credentials.

In the case of Sani Dental Group, our dental clinic offers our visitors the best team possible. Our dentists have an extensive range of knowledge in all dentistry fields.

Whether you need a simple procedure or a “complex” procedure our dentists will take care of all your needs. 

Through the aid of the advanced technology available in our facilities and their continuing education in some of the most prominent Dental Institutes, our dentists will restore your smile and all at an affordable price.

Do not hesitate your decision any further, when searching for the best implant dentists in Los Algodones, visit Sani Dental Group.

Build Trust Know what others have Experience 

In order to find the right dentist, trust must be built. When there’s trust, our judgment is not cloud and we can take better decisions.

Traveling to another country can become caused fear, but if you do a little research and read the experiences others have passed through, how they were satisfied with the dental work done; then you will be able to make your decision.

When Doug Smith needed some dental work to be done on him, he was hesitant is his comments: When my two dentists told me it was going to cost me between $58,000 to $62,000 for all the work I needed, I knew I had to find another way/ I got on the computer and googled "the best and cheapest dentist in the world. Sani Dental was the very first one to come up. I started reading and researching all the reviews and spoke with Frank, one of the Coordinators. I decided to go and have an implant and see how it goes. I wouldn't tell anyone what I was doing because I knew they would think I was crazy. The detail and perfection was unbelievable. They went over everything with a fine-tooth comb, making sure everything was perfect!! My dentist said the work was superb. I then went back and had the crown put on, a bridge removed and another implant put in where the bridge was. After six months of healing, I went back and had all my teeth crown. I feel like I have a million-dollar smile again. Not to mention we got to stay at their hotel free. It was truly a vacation and doctor visit all in one. How safe is it? I have taken my 91 year young Mom each time and we have had a great time with no sickness. If I have any regrets it would be I never googled this earlier. I could have saved a ton of money. I love this place and although all work is done, I'll go back to just get a follow-up and see all my friends. Please trust me on this one.

The Right Price for your Dental Needs 

According to the Dental Implant Cost Guide, dental implants are typically more expensive than traditional alternatives like dental bridges and dental dentures.

For this reason, after doing some research patients decide to travel outside to a foreign country. However, traveling to another country can be a harsh experience; to clear your fears read some reviews and experiences others have gone through.

When John Miller visited Sani Dental Group, he had 5 MIS implants placed in his jaw a sinus lift, and other procedures done; without a doubt, she saves thousands of dollars

. He was very satisfied with the dental work done on him and made the following statement: After my second visit, I'm still delighted with Sani Dental Group. My expectations were very high, from what my friend Lori had told me about the work Sani Dental Group had done for her. Those high expectations were met, and then some! I encountered excellent professionalism and high levels of skill in all the staff, assistants, and especially my dental surgeon, Dr. Marquez. Courtesy and care are hallmarks of this company. Their facilities are pristinely clean, their equipment the very newest, top-of-the-line. All this and their prices are about one-third of the going rate in the United States. We talked with other satisfied patients, who had come from as far away as the US East Coast and Canada, and all had the same high opinion. We had originally come because of the prices, but Sani Dental has rapidly become our first choice for serious dental work, even if the price were no object.

Best Clinic to have Implants placed in Los Algodones covid-19-trust-shield

Now it’s time for you to visit the best dental clinic in Los Algodones if you have been struggling with dental pain don’t hesitate your decision any further.

We invite you to follow Doug Smith's steps, research google your options and come to a dental clinic that is recognized by its patients.

In 2020, Sani Dental Group received the COVID-19 Trust Shield Certificate from Dental Departures.

Thanks to the measures and actions implemented in our clinic, we were the first clinic in the region to receive this certification. 

In 2021, Sani Dental Group received the Health & Wellness Tourism Award, as a result of guaranteeing a responsible and quality offer of dental services to national and foreign patients in the State of Baja California.

When you give us a call, you will be attended to by one of our patient coordinators. The coordinator will carefully listen to your dental needs and seek the best dentist who will attend to all your needs.

If you decide to stay in Yuma, Az. then you can take advantage of one of our additional services, our personal shuttle. Sani Dental Group cares about our patients and we offer them local transportation to/from the airport or hotel and all at no additional cost

Once you’re at facilities, you will be diagnosed by a professional and accredited dentist, the dentist will listen to your needs and offer you the best implant treatment that will restore your smile. If an additional procedure is needed, your dentists will notify you and best of all, everything will be done in one place. Once treatment is finish, you can stay in our own personal hotel; in fact, you might even qualify for free nights in the hotel La Hacienda.

Your dental vacation is just one call away! Take care of your dental needs by visiting the largest and most complete dental clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Sani Dental Group is devoted to our patients and we will always aim to take care of your dental needs. Leave your place of origin with a broken smile and return home with a new smile. Everything you need is with Sani Dental Group – do not hesitate your decision any further and restore your smile today.