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Benefits of Drinking More Water

For Sani Dental Group, both your smile and your health are important. Last week we explored 5 benefits drinking water has in our body. In previous post we have learned an apple can protect our teeth and smiles. This week’s post will provide 5 new reasons why we should drink more water and its benefits.

Prevent Fatigue, Energize your Muscles

  • When you don’t maintain a healthy balance of fluids and electrolytes, your cells will shrivel and your muscles will fatigue.
  • If you exercise, you must drink enough water, nothing doing so will affect your health and your performance.
  • Our dental clinic professionals recommend you, to drink 17 ounces of fluid about two hours before you begin to exercise and keep yourself constantly hydrated during your routine.

Protect your Head: Headache Remedy

  • Have you ever suffer from a headache, migraine or back pain? If so, next time this happens drink a glass of water, a glass of water during such event can relieve and prevent headaches.
  • Headaches are associated with dehydration, drinking water prevents them.

Regulate Body Function and Temperature

  • Our body is composed of about 60% water; in order for your body to function correctly you need to have it properly hydrated, not having sufficient levels of water in your body can result in cramps, sprains and abdominal pain.
  • You can prevent cramps, sprain or abdominal pain by drinking water, a properly hydrating yourself will keep your joints lubricated and muscles relax, allowing elasticity.
  • Water in our body also helps regulate your body temperature; our body can release water in the form of sweat to cool us down, when high ambient temperatures are affecting our body’s functions.

Remove Toxins

  • Our body removes toxins and waste products through our digestive system, sweat and urination.
  • Drinking sufficient water will greatly help our kidneys; our kidneys are responsible for the cleaning of blood and body.
  • The main toxin on our body is blood urea nitrogen, this water soluble waste, it passes through our kidneys and the waste is removed through urine.
  • Not drinking enough water will increase the risk of developing kidney stones; avoid this extremely painful abdominal pain, by drinking water.

Save Money

  • Water is the most affordable drinkable fluid in the world. Even if you purchase bottle or filter water is still more affordable than any other soft drink beverages.

How good is water for you?

We analyze 5 new reasons that showed us the benefits of drinking water. We advise all of our readers and patients to drink plenty of water. However if you have a surgery schedule, do not drink any water after midnight.
If this is not the case, these are a few ways you can drink more water every day.

  • Create games, were the prize is to drink a glass of water.
  • After going to the restroom, drink some water to replenish water loss
  • Include water-rich foods to your diet (Celery, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Watermelon among others)

As previously mention we are what we eat. Sani Dental Group cares about you, for this reason we offer our reader tips and useful dental information; that protects your teeth, smile and your body.