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Benefits of Drinking More Water

Doctors are constantly offering their patients tips and making investigations, through these doctors explain certain diets and how changing certain habits or doing certain exercises will benefit our health.

When visiting your doctor is common to hear him/her recommend their patients to drink more water. Do we understand the benefits of water? Have you ever stop and read an article explaining the benefits and reasons why you should drink more water?

We invite you to learn 5 out of 10 ways how water benefits our body and health, by understanding the benefits and reviewing our everyday habits, we can search for ways to increase the numbers of water glasses we drink on a daily basis.

In a previous post we learn the benefits to eating certain fruits and vegetables; this week we will discuss 5 important reasons why we should including water in our diet.

Control your Weight

  • Have you gain a few pounds in the last few years? Don’t know to get rid of them?
  • Well, for years many dieters have turn to water as a weight-loss strategy. Even though water does not have any mystic or magical attribute that can lead to weight loss; drinking water can have an effect on your weight, especially when using it as a substitute for high calorie beverages.
  • Water can help you feel full faster, because water makes food look larger, requiring you to chew more and fills you up faster.
  • In addition drinking water raises your metabolism and remember water has zero calories

Good mood start with a cup of water

  • When all your body system work at 100% you feel excellent.
  • Avoid dehydration and you will always have a positive attitude.

Keeps your skin looking Good

  • Would you like to keep your skin looking young and beautiful the natural way, without having a knife go through your face? If so, the solution is simple drink more water.
  • Your skin serves as a protective barrier, preventing excess fluid loss; a dehydrated body makes your skin look wrinkle and drier.
  • You can also keep your skin hydrated and young by using a moisturizer, reducing the old age look.

Maintain Regularity

  • Have you ever been constipated? Drinking water aids your digestion, improving the flow of food through your gastrointestinal track, preventing constipation.
  • When someone does not drink enough water, your colon will pull water from waste; resulting in constipation.
  • Adequate fiber and fluid is the perfect combination to avoid constipation and maintain a healthy digestion.

Prevent Diseases: Increase your Immune System

  • In order to maintain a healthy immune system, you must be properly hydrated.
  • Drinking plenty of water will reduce the risk of the common flu or of more fatal diseases like heart attacks or cancers.

How to drink more Water?

How good is water for you? We just read 5 reasons that showed us the importance of drinking the recommended levels of water. We hope the following tips will help you stay hydrated and maintain a healthy body:

  • Always keep it closed
  • Add your own personal flavor to your drink.
  • During lunch, order spicy food and keep a glass close by; in case things get to hot.

Remember water has many benefits; it can help our muscles, brain, teeth and smile. In addition to offering our patients dental services, our clinic cares about you. We are constantly offering our readers easy tips that offer many benefits.