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Car Check: Avoid Unwanted Stops

Summer is almost over and many will soon return to school and their everyday activities; but before you leave take a few days off and travel to your favorite national park. With August being National Park Month, Sani Dental Group invites you to visit one of the many national park the United States has; but before you check your car and avoid unwanted stops. To prevent car problems one your trips, our dental clinic and staff would like to offer a few tips that will help you have a safe drive.

Car Check: Avoid Unwanted Stops!

These are six areas of your car you should check to avoid unwanted stops.

A/C Airflow

The problem: At some point of your car’s life, the air condition doesn’t flow or the airflow changes.
The solution is simple replace any belts that are worn or loose. Also if you notice obstructions in the blades remove these, this will allow more airflow and avoids future damage.

Car’s Air Filter

The problem: Your car’s air filter will get dirty, these impurities will can lead engine problems, reduce your car performance and the air quality inside your car.
The solution to this problem is simple, replace the filters; replacing filters will effectively remove impurities and enhance your cars performance.

Engine’s Heat

The Problem: Your car’s engine is its heart and allowing the engine to overheat can be dangerous. If you allow it to continue for too long, your engine can suffer permanent damage.
To solve this problem, pull over and turn off your car’s engine. At the first opportunity, clean the radiators blades, replace any pieces that are not working properly (the thermostat, fan belt, etc.), and visit your local mechanic.


The problem: Over time your headlights can pass through several problems, for example: one headlight does not work or headlights seem dim among others.
To fix this problem replace the burned out bulb, or clean your car’s headlights to enhance their performance and strength.

Oil Level and Quality

The problem: Your car’s oil levels are low or it’s dirty and the oil light illuminates on the dash; this means you should refill immediately.
To solve this problems, first of all you need to know that oil comes in different "weights," and different cars require different weights. Check your car’s manual and then purchase the oil you need at your local shop or gas station; another option is to complete an oil change, this includes a new filter and fresh oil.

Tire Pressure

The problem: Through use your tires can tear and wear out, lower their air pressure, reduce fuel economy and increase the risk of a blowout.
The solution is simple, regularly check your tires pressure; check your car’s manual or sticker on the driver's side doorjamb to know the appropriate pressure.

The above are tips that will help you have a safe drive, not only this summer but every time you drive. Have a safe trip and avoid unwanted stops by checking your car on a regular basis. We invite you to have a safe drive, avoid accidents and enjoy every moment you spend with your love ones, whether it is this summer, at the national park, or at the Dentists; Sani Dental Group wants you to have a fun trip, free of accident or pain.