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Avoid Heat Stroke - SDG

Summer has arrive, many will soon be traveling to different places and these places have sun. It’s important that all of us protect ourselves from the sun this summer; either by using sunblock or taking other necessary steps to prevent heatstroke during this hot weather. A Heat Stroke affects hundreds of Americans each year, based on CDC report on average 700 American die because of extreme heat – this is more than the death toll cause by tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and lightning combined. Sani Dental Group knows that many of us could be at risk of extreme temperatures and we want you to avoid Heat Stroke.

Heat Stroke: Who is at Risk?

All of us are at risk, anyone can develop heatstroke as this condition is a result of prolonged exposure to high temperatures. When one’s body temperature rises to 104? F (40? C) or higher, one will suffer a heat stroke. Heatstroke can quickly and easily damage your brain, heart, kidneys and muscles, if one does not take the symptoms seriously, serious health damage and even death can occur.

The Symptoms

Heat stroke symptoms include:

Alteration in Sweating: When exercising or being expose to hot weathers for prolonged periods you skin will become hot and dry. Soon our body will begin to sweat to cool down and if we don’t drink water, this can lead to dehydration.

Altered/Rapid Breathing: in this stage, your breathing may become rapid and shallow.

Altered Mental State: Heat stroke can agitation, confusion, coma, delirium, irritability, seizures and slurred speech; if you have any of these contact emergency service immediately.

Headache: In this stage your head will hurt.

Rapid Heart Rate: Your pulse can significantly increase during a heat stroke, placing your heart under tremendous stress.

Red Skin: Your skin turns red as your body temperature increases, affecting your body’s normal function.

Rise in Body Temperature: In this stage, your body temperature of 104? F (40? C) or higher.

Vomiting – Nausea: Heat stroke can make you feel sick at the stomach and even vomit.

Heat Stroke what Causes It?

There are several things that lead to heatstroke, however the primary reasons are: exposure to hot environments and intense activity. When one is continuously expose to hot environments, one can suffer non-exertional or classic heatstroke, causing our body’s temperature will rise. Here at Sani, we advise you to avoid prolonged exposure to hot, humid weather; keep your body healthy and protect it.

Extreme exercise can also lead to a heat stroke, when one exercises your body temperature increases and if you don’t keep this rise in check your body can become dehydrated and cause you to faint, among other health problems. As mentioned, not keeping your body properly hydrated can lead to heat stroke and other conditions that can cause this include drinking alcohol or wearing excessive clothes.

Even though all of us are at risk of following steps can help you reduce the risk and avoid heat stroke.

Health and Prevention

A good thing about heat strokes is that they are predictable and avoidable. Following these steps can help you Avoid Heat Stroke:

Never leave anyone in a Parked Car: Even though it is common to leave a young child in a parked car while you run to do an errand, this is extremely dangerous. When a car is parked in the sun, the temperature in your car can rise 20? F (7? C) in just a few minutes.

Stay Hydrated: Staying well hydrated will help you maintain a normal body temperature.

Use Sunblock: The sun can affect your body in many ways, in one hand it can improve your health, reduce stress and prevent diseases. However, prolong exposure will affect you’re your body’s normal functions, avoid heat stroke and sunburns by applying sunblock.

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes: Wearing excess clothing will affect your body’s natural ability to cool off, this also occurs when wearing clothes that fits too tightly.

For Sani Dental Group, your health is our priority, we know that this summer many of you will soon be traveling to the beach, lake or mountains. All of these have sun and as we have learned prolong exposure to the sun can lead to a Heat Stroke. We invite you to follow the steps this post offered you and avoid heat stroke and if you are struggling with any dental problems come to Los Algodones, allow our dentists to take care of your teeth and all your oral needs.