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April - Time for New Changes

Taking some time off this April and visiting Los Algodones? Before you come to the capital of dental tourism, remember that Sani Dental Group is moving! That’s right the largest dental clinic in Los Algodones will no longer be in Los Algodones. Our facilities will re-locate to El Vizcaino, BSC. We apologies for the inconvenience this will cause to all of you our patients and friends. As of 04/15/2015 Sani Dental Group Alamo, will no longer accept patients. As of 04/20/2015 Sani Dental Group Platinum will closed its door a no longer accept patients. Last but not least on 04/25/2015 Sani Dental Group Class will closed. If you have set up an appointment with any of our three dental clinics, we invite you to call the patient coordinator to cancel your current appointment and re-schedule.

Please keep in mind that our offices and services will be limit for a few months while our dental offices re-organized everything.
We hope this small set back does not conflict with your dental needs, but if it does contact our patient coordinator and express with them your concerns. Once you are finish they will be to explain to you that you have fallen for our prank! :D

Happy April Fool’s Day!

April Fools’ Day is celebrated on the first of April every year, this day people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other.
On April Fools hoax stories are reported by the press and other media, similar to the hoax story mention above. No Sani Dental Group is not moving to El Vizcaino, BSC your favorite dental clinic in Los Algodones will stay in Los Algodones. Not only are we staying in the city you know and love, but we are also expanding, within a few months we will open MediPlaza.
Now not only will we take care of your teeth, gums, dental implants and other dental reconstructions treatments, soon we will also offer you a clinical laboratory, optical, new restaurants and cafes, shopping center (craft and jewelry), stem cell clinic, a pharmacy and a much more.
Without a doubt we are not moving from Los Alodones and we will continue to offer you great dental and health services! Our offices are the largest dental clinic in Los Algodones and some of the best dental clinics in the country. Come to Sani Dental Group and see for yourself why our dental clinic is recognized by numerous media networks and the NPR even made a special report. Visit the city of Los Algodones and see what the city has to offer you!