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How to Recover Your Smile with the All-on-4 Treatment

Your smile is one of your most beautiful features; unfortunately as we get older, more and more maintenance is needed. An unfortunate fact is that it is estimated that more than 10% of people who are older than 50 have no remaining teeth. There several factors that lead to tooth loss, but also there are several dental solution that can help you recover your smile and there’s a particular treatment that will interest. 

Know What Dental Procedure can Restore your Smiles Attractiveness

A dental procedure that can help you recover your smile is the All On 4 Treatment. However, how can this dental procedure help you to recover your smile?

Better Stability, Make a More Attractive Smiles

One of the best advantages All on 4 Treatment offers, the prosthesis is designed to offer maximum stability and quality. Even if you have low bone volume, this dental procedure can be right for you. Because of the tilt the posterior implants have and their longer length, this procedure offers you a better bone to implant contact. 

Better Efficiency and the Most Beautiful Look

This treatment offers users more efficiency and a better look. The top-quality, authentic look, and fair price; make all on 4 treatment your best maxilla and mandible rehabilitation option. This prosthesis look and function like natural teeth; making it hard for people to tell the difference between the implants and the real teeth.

Unlike removable dentures that can slip, move and feel unstable; all on 4 implants remain in your mouth. Offering users the same stability teeth offer and best of all, you won’t have to avoid your favorite dishes or give the special care dentures need. Would you like to know, where are the best dental clinics offer All on 4 Treatment?

Know the Best Places to Visit: Quality Treatment and Great Smiles

Unfortunately, not all dental clinics in Mexico offer you the technology and quality you deserve. For Sani Dental Group your smile, the quality, and the staff we recommend are our priority. That’s why when you contact us, we will only refer you to clinics that offer Nobel Biocare implants. Why Nobel Biocare? Because Nobel is the best and most advanced dental prosthesis provider. In Los Algodones, Mex. dental clinics that performed All-On-4 treatment with Nobel guarantee better results. 

Sani Dental Group is here to guide you to the best dental experience when you contact us our patient coordinators will answer all your questions and lead you to professional dentists that care about your oral needs. Don’t hesitate and restore your smile today, because after all – you deserve it.