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All-on- Dentistry Everything you need to know

You know that Mexico is famous for its beaches, its people and its rich culture. This has made Mexico one of the most famous and most visited destinations by tourists. But did you know that Mexico is also one of the best places for dental treatments? Yes, it is! Today, people visiting Mexico, visit for two reasons; 1) vacation and rest and 2) affordable dental treatments.

If you have never heard or read the advantages Mexico offers to its tourists then we invite you to continue reading. Visiting Mexico offers dental tourists many options and all at an affordable price. One of the most popular dental needs tourists have attended when visiting Mexico is the Full Mouth Restoration. Now, of all the cities that you can visit in Mexico, the best city to visit is Los Algodones.

Los Algodones, a little Mexican town that has more dentists than any other place in the world, and every day more than 3,000 tourists visit Los Algodones, some searching for rest and vacation, while others searched for dental treatments. Through this post, we will share with you everything you need to know about All-On-4 dentistry and why Los Algodones, Mexico is the best place to receive it.

Why All On 4?

When dental tourists need to rehabilitate their smile, the dental procedures tourists seek are all on 4. Through All-On-4 dentistry, your dentist will place four implants in the anterior maxilla; these implants will assist with the fixed prosthesis stability, preventing sudden shifts and movements. This dental procedure was developed by Nobel Biocare more than 20 years ago. Since their development, Nobel Biocare has assisted thousands of patients to restore their smiles.

Visiting your dentist can be either a great experience or a terrible experience. In order to have the results you desire, you should visit a dental clinic with more than 25 years of experience, with 30 + dental specialists, their own laboratory, and 3 different locations; then you are in safe hands. All-On-4 dentistry offers patients many advantages, including short treatment time, accessible costs, and great results. We're the #1 clinic for dental implants in Mexico. 

Advantages All on 4 Dentistry in Algodones, Mx

Coming to Los Algodones, Mexico can offer dental tourists several advantages, but one of the most interesting advantages Los Algodones offers is the big savings.  On average patients save up to 70% on dental treatments compared to the US and Canada prices. When you visit Los Algodones, you can receive high-quality dental treatment for a fraction of the price.

When in Los Algodones, we invite you to visit our dental facilities, visit Sani Dental Group; our facilities are certified by the American Dental Association and we strive to meet the highest standards in dentistry today. Other advantages all on 4 dentistry in Los Algodones include:

Save Time

Time is important to all of us, that’s why everyone attempts to use it to its fullest. Our dentist cares about your time, that’s why when you visit us to get an all on 4 treatment, we will take care of your smile and your time. Once you are at Sani Dental Group, our diagnostic dentist will describe to you the procedure and healing process. Within 5 days the dental implants and a temporary denture will be placed and you will be able to return home. Six months later you will return and your new permanent teeth will be placed.

The Dental Benefits

There are several dental restoration options, but the reason All On 4 is dentistry's top option is because of osseointegration. Through this bond, a strong base is formed and after 3-6 months of healing, your gums will be ready to receive permanent teeth. Once your new permanent teeth are placed they will function just like natural teeth and look beautiful!

Another dental benefits patients receive is satisfaction. When the procedure is finished, patients don’t only receive a new smile, they also receive a satisfying experience. For Sani Dental Group, quality and logistics are key to satisfaction.

When you need an All On 4 full-mouth restoration treatment, remember that Sani Dental Group is ready to support you. Call one of our patient coordinators and we will set up everything. Through our logistics, we can set up your trip, offer you lodging options, local shuttle service, dining options, and much more. We handle everything so you can see your visit to the dentist as a vacation

The Right Prices

Receive quality treatment at a fraction of the price. When you visit Los Algodones, you will receive the best price available for your dental treatments. We invite you to visit our price list and see for yourself the many savings we offer. Some might consider that traveling and lodging in another country are expensive, but if you analyze cost you will realize the savings.

Thousands of tourists visit Los Algodones, Mexico every day to get dental work, seeking high-quality cosmetic dentistry procedures at 30% of their regular price. This will definitely make you smile!

The Results you been Searching: New Teeth in One Day

Once your new dental implants are placed, patients might need a few days to assimilate their new reality. Nevertheless, we are sure that you will be very satisfied with your new smile. Our patient Carolynn Rehbein, commented: “Picked me up at Yuma airport, shuttle from La Hacienda to Sani Dental picks you up within 5 minutes of being called. Everyone was extremely nice, respectful, and helpful. Dr. Diego did my extractions and implants and he was very gentle and very professional. Dr. Alan did my temporary fixed dentures and he was very precise with doing a good fit. Dr. Luis was my anesthesiologist for IV sedation he was with me every minute of the 6 hours my procedure lasted and was very calming and reassuring. Everyone at La Hacienda Hotel and Sani Dental went above and beyond my expectations. I will definitely go back there for my dental work and highly recommend them!!!

This treatment is also used in full mouth restoration procedures. If you'd like to read more about it, click here.  

Now it’s time to discover the exciting world of dental tourism, we encourage you to contact one of our patient coordinators or call (927) 257-1307 and set up your next dental vacation. Today, improvements in implants permit more patients to receive a new smile. Even patients with poor bone density or high prices can benefit from all on 4 dentistry.

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