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Comparing the Cost of a Dental Crown

You recently have been experiencing pain in your jaw, unfortunately, the pain has become unbearable and you decide to visit your dentist.

When visiting the dentist there are 2 important things patients look out for:

  1.  The dental clinic's prestige
  2.  The cost.

How can you decide? Well, residents in Southern California and Arizona, have a few more options compared to American citizens in other regions.

Thanks to the neighboring town of Los Algodones, residents in Southern California and Arizona have a way to compare options and be able to select the best Mexican dentist to care for their teeth at the most affordable price.

Our friends at made the following post: The cost of a crown: Comparing Arizona and Algodones

The post What Clinic describes what a dental crown is and compares the price of a crown between the city of Los Algodones and Arizona. The post also explains why many residents in Arizona have decided to travel across the border, seeking dental treatment.

Learn how you can save up to 70%, compare to costs in dental clinics in US and Canada, on your next dental visit; come to Los Algodones and save on your new smile. 

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a prosthetic, designed to cover and replace chipped or damaged teeth. It is made to look like your teeth so it blends seamlessly into your mouth. Dental crowns are also recommended after root canal treatment on posterior teeth (molars and premolars).

A crown is simply a good option for a damaged tooth, but such a complex procedure does carry an appropriate charge.

The Cost of a Crown in Arizona

A porcelain crown procedure in Phoenix, AZ costs $977.98 on average, with the highest cost in the Phoenix area at $1237.45, according to the Dental Cost Calculator.

This doesn’t include the cost of additional treatments such as an extraction or a root canal which can cost between $1045 and $1250.

Figures from the Journal of the Arizona Dental Association show that 44% of adults in Arizona don’t have dental insurance. Even for those with dental insurance, some policies have a limit of around $1500 on dental cover, so paying for a crown can be a stretch too far for some.

Dental Care in Algodones

In Phoenix, AZ there are 332 dentists listed on the Arizona Dental Association website.

In Algodones, a small Mexican border town with a population of 5,474, the same number of dentists occupy an area of just 18.91 km2. Dentistry in Algodones is a booming industry, with 80-90% of dental patients coming from the U.S. alone.

The Cost of a Crown in Algodones

Of the 29 clinics in Algodones, 14 have prices listed on for porcelain dental crowns. Across these price points, the average price for a porcelain crown (excluding other treatments) is $203.

That is a savings of 79% on the cost of a porcelain dental crown in Arizona.

There are savings to be made on other dental treatments in Algodones including root canal therapy (83%) and surgical extraction (42%), both of which can be needed prior to having a dental crown fitted.

Traveling to Algodones for Dental Care

The more affordable dental treatments are enough to entice many Arizonans across the border, especially when coupled with a recommendation from a neighbor or colleague about their Mexican dentist.

A word of caution though: you must do your research before you travel. This guide for travel in Algodones includes some essential travel tips for the area, and you should follow this advice on finding a dentist abroad before you travel.

As another Arizonan patient who spoke to Cronkite News said:

“I’m going to do a lot of digging and see what the next option is… but I think I’ll be back to Mexico”.

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