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Tips for Caregivers

In a previous post, Family Caregivers Their Importance, we learned the importance of having a caregiver; remember a caregiver is an unpaid or paid person (usually family) who assists a family member or an individual with their daily activities. In addition to learning the importance of giving our elderly folks the assistance they need to perform their daily needs, but without being disrespectful or hurting their dignity. This week we would like to offer a few tips to the caregiver.

The caregivers’ health is just as important as the health of the person(s) who you are helping. At Sani Dental Group the caregiver's health is also important and we want to offer you all the tools available, this way you will be able to keep a strong and healthy body and clear state of mind. With this in mind, let’s read and review todays post.

1. Be Organized

Being organized offers you many benefits, one of them is that you will be more focused on your goals. Other benefits include:

  • You will be more productive.
  • You will be able to better manage you time.
  • You will be able to prioritize your tasks.

In the case of the caregiver we advise him/her to keep a separate journal or binder, with all the family phone numbers, names, addresses, SSN and medication information. Keep this journal/binder in an easy to reach location so in case of an emergency you will be prepare and have a positive outcome.

2. Be Patient

When taking care or helping of others we guarantee you that there will be several stressful moments; moments in which you will lose control, to prevent these you must retake control and be patient. Just as with organization, being patient will offer you several benefits, including:

  • Avoiding impulsive decisions.
  • Control feelings of greed and selfishness.
  • Teaches you that you can't always have what you want, when you want it.

In conclusion when being the family caregiver you must be patient, very, very patient.

3. Be Positive

Similar to being patient, when taking care or helping of others you must be positive. This is especially important when you receive bad news, keeping a positive attitude will make it easier to accept bad news and look for a positive outcome.

4. Hear and Trust your Instincts

For years scientists have researched how our instincts and intellect have affected humanity and societies. In one of their studies, scientists show the participants 2 choices and they were forced to choose on their base on instincts, the results were that participants made the right call up to 90% of the time.

If you notice something wrong or your family member tells he/she is not feeling right, please trust your instinct and help, don’t wait for professional, and take an initiative.

5. Laughter is Power

When facing a stressful situation humor goes a long way, laughter is so powerful that is able to reduce stress, reduce pain and lighten the afflicted mood. So when visiting a family member in need, remember to keep a good sense of humor; this will make him/her have a pleasant memory of you.

6. Listen

Be a good listener, when you reach certain moments in your life all you really need is a friend, a friend who is willing to listen. So, next time you visit you love ones why don’t you stop everything and listen to their stories and experience.

Your love one will be happy that you dedicate your time, efforts and sacrifices on them, be a good listener give to them your very best.

7. Love is Power

Do we really need to explain this one? When with your love one hug them, show affection, show them that you truly care about them.

8. Remember you also Count

When becoming a caregiver, you will most likely have numerous of assignments; but do not forget about yourself. If you get tired and are unable to meet your own needs, who will you be able to be a good caregiver?

9. Important: Care with Dignity and Respect

Keep in mind that asking others for help is not always easy; especially if whom you ask treats you disrespectfully. They should be treated with dignity and respect, because remember, many of them are your family.

10. Take advantage of Support Group

There are many support groups available today who can offer you a hand when going through rough moments, offer you tips and other assistances.

By sharing your personal experiences with other who are passing through the same problem or a very similar problem.

We hope all these tips help all of our caregivers, if you have a family member who can benefit from these, we invite you to share them.