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Mexico Independence Day

The month of September is very special month for Mexico, in this month Mexico Independence is celebrated, the month has arrive and Mexico wants you to be part of the celebration. Will you be part of the celebration? How will you celebrate this date?

Sani Dental Group knows that many of our readers love Mexico, whether you’ll be visiting the nation or simply celebrating at your own location by spending time with your loved ones and making memories with your family and friends; we want you to have fun and enjoy this holiday.

Mexico Independence from Spain is celebrated in September 16, since 1810; but do you know how they achieved their freedom?

A Cried for Freedom

Mexico Independence Day was an armed conflict between Spain and New Spain, which culminated in Mexico freedom from Spain on September 16, 1810.

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a local priest from Queretaro and member of a group called Criollos (a group of educated members’ part of New Spain caste system); hosted a secret meeting in his home to discuss if a revolution was the answer to Spain tyrannical government.

At the end, Hidalgo and all present arrived to the conclusion that a revolt against Spain was needed because of the events and injustices being done to the poor of Mexico, these injustices had gotten out of hand.

By this time Hidalgo had achieved fame and when his older brother passed away in 1803, Hidalgo became priest of the town of Dolores, near Guanajuato Mexico.

Once the word of the conspiracy had been discovered come out, Hidalgo headed to the church and called for all the towns’ people to meet near the church, he called them to revolt. Through his emotive speech, known as the “Grito de Dolores” Hidalgo announced his intention to strike the nations enemies and free the people from their tyrant rule, exhorting the towns’ people to join him.

The Battle for Freedom

From 1810 the independence movement went through several stages, before their freedom was recognized by Spain and others nations.

First the rebels are imprisoned and killed by loyal Spain forces.

An active participant José María Morelos called on separatist to form the Congress of Chilpancingo. During this congress Mexico formally declared itself to be independent of Spain, forming its legal framework.

In September 13, 1813 this newly establish congress present to Spain their Declaration of Independence, they drafted a Constitution, created the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government and established the Catholic religion. Unfortunately, after Morelos defeat the movement was reduced to a guerrilla war.

In 1820 Mexico Independence reached another staged, a few rebel groups were formed, the most noticeable of them located in Sierra Madre del Sur and Veracruz. By 1821, these isolated guerrilla rebels join and under the command of Guadalupe Victoria and Vicente Guerrero; these men were able to command allegiance and fight for Mexico Independence.

Finally in September 27, 1821 after many battles and a lot of effort Mexico Independence was accomplished.

September 16 Today

On September 16 Mexico will commemorate one more year independent and to remember their freedom, Mexicans will spend time with the family or with friends either in family gathering and barbecues or observing the fireworks, parades, folk dances and of course the traditional Grito de Dolores, made by the nations’ president.

Every year locals and politicians gather in Mexico City Zocalo to re-enact the famous grito (cried) made by Hidalgo. How will you celebrate Mexico Independence? Will you participate in any particular activity? Leave your comment below and let us know.

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