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Los Algodones Fundraising Event 2016

Sani Dental Group has so much to be thankful to Los Algodones. This town has seen us grow and now we feel part of it, so we have the need to do something in gratitude. That's how Los Algodones Foundation was born. Our goal is to give to this town at least a little of how much it has given to us. The first mission we're proud to be taking on is Los Algodones Fundraising Event 2016. Keep reading to know more about the cause we are supporting and how you can help us to achieve it.

The Event

Los Algodones Fundraising Event 2016 will be celebrated on January 22nd at Plaza Fundadores, in Los Algodones

The event will start at noon, and by attending, you'll be able to enjoy an evening full of music, dance, delicious foods and drinks, and many surprises. The most important of all, with your attendance you're supporting our cause and helping us to make a change on these children's lives. Every ticket has a cost of 10 US dollars and you can purchase them at Sani Dental Group.

Our Cause

All proceeds of this event will be destined to Take My Hand Daycare, a non-profit organization that offers daycare service for children whose parents cannot afford babysitters service in Los Algodones. Thanks to Take My Hand, these children are able to go to school, eat healthily, and have a space where they feel safe. Take My Hand has become a part of the life of children that visit the daycare daily. The founders of Take My Hand make a big effort to keep the house in the best state possible, but the resources are every day fewer as the needs of the children grow. 

We chose this cause as our first mission because we've witnessed how much this daycare means to these children's lives. With your help, we can make a difference, so we hope to count on you.

To know more about Take My Hand, its activities, and its mission, you can visit the blog where Janice Fischer - the co-founder and donator of the house - has been writing. It will be easy for you to see how valuable your help is.

How You Can Support Our Cause

Of course, by buying a ticket for Los Algodones Fundraising Event 2016, you're making a donation directly to Take My Hand Daycare. That's the first way you can help our cause, but maybe you won't be able of being in Los Algodones the day of the event, so if you want to support our cause, there are some other things you can do:

  • On the Facebook page of Los Algodones Foundation, we're sharing information from both Take My Hand Daycare and the event. If you want to support us but you can't assist the event or buy a ticket, you can share the information from this page between people you know. Our goal is that our message can reach as many people as possible. With the help of everyone reached by our message, we can make a big difference.
  • On the web page of Los Algodones Foundation, we'll be updating the events of the foundation and the causes we are supporting. You can also share it so more people can know about Los Algodones and the efforts that we're doing to bring better times to the town.

We invite you to be part of our event and enjoy a great time while supporting a noble cause. Help us make a change. Help us build something beautiful. The big heart of Los Algodones is built by you, so attend its call. Because everything is possible if we are united. Because we are Better Together