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5 Tips to Find Affordable Dentistry

Finding affordable dental care can be challenging if you're living on a tight budget or if you don't count with a health insurance. If you cannot pay a visit to the dentist because some prices might be expensive, you're not alone. Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice your wallet to get high-quality dental treatments. We share with you the best tips to have the smile you always wanted for a low cost.

First of All: Dental Care

Big dental problems can be prevented, and they usually start with bad dental care. A change in your dental routine and regular visits to the dentist and can be very helpful, and truth is those expenses are inevitable, but surely the cost is lower compared to a more complex dental procedure. Right dental care is necessary and your dentist can give you very useful tips. This will not only help your smile but your wallet too!

We have 5 steps that we think will be very useful in the moment you decide to visit a dentist.

Step 1: Think Before Making a Fast Decision

There are some questions that you need to ask yourself first. For example:

  • What kind of treatment are you looking for?
  • Does your insurance cover the possible expenses?
  • How much is your budget?

Step 2: Look for Options Outside Your Country

When talking about getting your smile back, there are plenty of options that might seem attractive. But, are they the best affordable option?

Nowadays, Mexico has become one of the most popular countries to get dental treatments done, not only because is near from the U.S but because of the quality of the work at very affordable prices. Los Algodones, a town located in Baja California, Mexico has become the capital of dental tourism in the world.  You can get from teeth cleaning to dental implants and save at least 70% compare to the U.S and Canada Prices.  

Step 3: Search for Reliable Options

Going to another country to get a dental treatment, isn't that more expensive? Surprisingly not! Thousands of tourist from all over Canada and the United States visit Los Algodones, Mexico to get dental work.  As we said before, you can save more than half of the money that you'd spend getting treated inside the United States, and the best thing is that quality is the same and sometimes its better!

Visiting Los Algodones can be a unique experience. If you've never been to Mexico or if you want to visit different corners of the country, this is your chance! Not only is right next to the border, its currency is US dollars and its quiet surroundings will help you relax during our visit. Getting dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico has a lot of advantages because while you're having a small get away you're coming back home with a new smile for an affordable cost!

Step 4: Read Reviews and Comments

If you've gathered your options try to make a little more research. Patient's reviews are very important, that way you'll be able to know about their experience during their visit, how they felt and that way you'll be able to decide where you'd like to go.

Click here to read the reviews our patients have sent to us after they got their treatments at one of the Sani Dental Group clinics!

Step 5:  Enjoy Yourself!

Traveling to get a dental treatment is not only about that. Becoming a medical tourist is an amazing experience that you won't regret having! Not only you're saving around 70% in dental procedures but also, you'll be having fun while you visit another country. We recommend to every one of our patients to arrive one day before their procedure and leave a day after. This helps the patient to stay relaxed in case their procedures take longer than expected, and also it gives them the time to have a small getaway.

While you're in Los Algodones, Mexico you can walk around the streets looking for curios and souvenirs for your dear ones, have a delicious and authentic Mexican meal or chill next by the pool in the hotel of your choice.

To have the best stay we recommend Hacienda Los Algodones, and if you're a Sani Dental Group patient, there might be some special offers for you!

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