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Affordable Dental Health

Imagine you live in a country that has it all. You have your home, nice roads, good schools, hospitals and nice restaurants. So why travel to another place? What are the benefits?

Well imagine what you will see in another place; will you have the same things, will there be hospitals, roads, restaurants or schools? To find the best answer let’s see we are missing. Maybe the country that “has it all” is missing a few things you cannot control. Let concentrate in the following 3 areas:

  • Weather
  • Affordable Dental Health plans
  • Site Seeing

Where do you live?

If you live in Canada, Fall and Winter season are very harsh; on average every winter in Canada, an average of up to 3~4 ft. of snow can be expected. What will happen if one day you slip and fall, breaking your teeth in the process. What will you do? How will you solve this inconvenience? One of the best options you have is to travel south, where there is affordable dental health and a warmer weather; a recommendation we make is to come to Los Algodones. Algodones is a city 7 miles from Yuma, Az. USA. In addition to being close to USA, Algodones offers great affordable dental health services, the city is also close to beaches, golf course and wine routes.

Your Dental Health

After falling and breaking your teeth, you can visit first your local dentist; doctor explains the process and indicates that mouth restoration and reconstruction will be $50,000.00- $60,000.00. Do you have another option? Yes, the other option can be traveling to Algodones. At Sani Dental Group, we offer affordable dental health plans, high quality full mouth restoration at a fraction of the price. For additional information please call Toll Free 1-855-SANI-DDS or (928) 257-1307 or visit our: price list.

Not only will your smile be restored, but also your confidence and joy. While in Algodones, why not visit the sites; as we mention Sani Dental is close to many fun and recreation sites. Do you like Golf? Yuma has several golf courses that are only a few miles away. Do you like to gamble or spend a few hours in a Casino? You can spend a day playing and wining in one of the local Casinos. If you would like to do something completely new, visit the Vineyard Route (only 4 hr. drive from Algodones); you can taste some of the finest wines Baja has to offer. After a day full of activities or treatment, why not relax in a near beach? Algodones is near to El Golf (2 hr.), San Felipe (3 hr.), Rocky Point (4 hr.), Rosarito (3 hr.), Ensenada (4 hr.).

These are some of the benefit we offered here at Sani Dental Group. Why don’t you visit us?  We can help you plan your dental vacation.