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5 Great Advantages of Being a Snowbird

Everybody loves to travel. The excitement of knowing new places and cultures is on everyone. There are people who have done of traveling a lifestyle. Every winter, these people pack everything they'll need and hit the road, or maybe they take a plane, but they set off on a journey to warm and exciting places. They know about the advantages of heading south, and only they know about some of the best places to pass the winter. They are called snowbirds, and today we share with you 5 great advantages of being one of them.


First of all, let us explain what "snowbird" means. This term is used to describe the people who move from the colder climates of northern US and Canada to warmer places in the south. Florida, California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Mexico are some of the places more visited by snowbirds. Despite that snowbirds used to be typically retirees, nowadays younger people are also traveling. There are cities that, conscious about this movement, offer special services for snowbirds.

Now let’s talk about those advantages that being a snowbird has.

The People You Know

Traveling doesn't mean just discovering interesting places, it means meeting interesting people. When you travel, you have the opportunity of knowing persons from amazing places. Cities and towns visited by snowbirds are full of people with lots of stories. You may be sure that if you travel south in winter, you'll go back home in spring with a lot of new friends.

The Traditions and Culture

Another great advantage of traveling is the opportunity of knowing about different traditions. If you're from the northern US or Canada, or even from Alaska, you'll find out a rich culture and amazing traditions at southern places. For example, if you visit Mexico in winter, you'll be able to assist to celebrations like Day of the Dead, las posadas, Día de Reyes, etc. Snowbirds can be part of these celebrations year by year, and they keep coming because they enjoy it.

The Change of Scenery

One of the biggest pleasures of traveling is being able to watch new landscapes. Snowbirds know this, and they also know where to find the best places to visit. They come from cold places to enjoy the warmth and comfort of the south, but they're also delighted by the scenery that a new place offers. Snowbirds have the amazing opportunity of going every year to a city or town completely different to the place they live in. Wouldn't you love to have that opportunity too?

The Variety of Food

Do you really think that you have tasted Mexican food? Think twice. Snowbirds can enjoy a wide variety of foods in every place they visit. There's something we can assure you: if you've never eaten in Mexico, you haven't eaten Mexican food yet.

The Saving Opportunities

Yes, it's true. Did you know that you can save up to 70% on dental treatments at Mexico?  Many snowbirds know it and they take advantage of their travel to get dental work. Los Algodones, Mexico, is one of the towns that receive more winter visitors, and the majority come looking for dental treatments. So being a snowbird doesn't only means to have a great travel, you can also have the smile you want at an affordable price.

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