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Senior's Day

National Senior Citizens Day is celebrated across the United States on August 21. It recognizes the contributions senior citizens have made in their communities. Events are organized across the country to raise the awareness of older people. Sani Dental Group recognizes the achievements this demographic have done, of course; but we don’t see them as “seniors” or “elderly”.

We want to take this day to recognize people over 60 years for what they are; older adults, but never elderly. We know them, we have worked with them, and we can see the energy and vitality in every one of them. Older adults travel, exercise, take classes, date, and do everything young people do. We are witness of it.

Our experience of years serving people over 50 years old has taught us to see this demographic, often called baby boomers, as active members of communities, the economy, and culture. If the way someone calls a person depends on point of view, then we refuse to call them seniors.

As recognition to the adults living in this stage of life, we give you some of the many reasons why older adults are living the best years of their life and why everyone should learn from them.

Tons of Accumulated Wisdom

Every time someone feels like there’s no way out, an older adult will have an answer. Perhaps young people thinks that life is hard and the world is a rough place; but older adults have lived and succeed in this world. They have the wisdom given by the experience to face life and don’t falling trying. When someone is in crisis, they have the right words to see life from a totally better perspective.

They’re Happier

It’s scientifically proven. Research has shown that people over 55 years are actually happier. This is because older adults tend to be more emotionally intelligent and able to control their emotions. They’re more focused in the present moment and are conscious of their strengths and weaknesses. The fact of being happier also makes them more productive. Happiness is the most important goal in life, and older adults are capable of reach it.

More Empathy

As is mentioned above, older adults are more emotionally intelligent. In fact, emotional intelligence peaks after the age of 60. That’s why they are more sensitive and empathic. Studies published in the Psychology and Aging journal proves that older adults are more able at seeing the positive side of complicated situations. This leads them to greater intimacy and better interpersonal relationships. So if you ever need advice, now you know whom to ask.

They Enjoy Everything More

Food, travels, movies, books, humor, rides and all activities are more enjoyable to older adults. Old age is a state of mind, and older people are more capable of enjoying everything around them than young people. We can see it every time they visit our clinics; and this is proven too. They respond more positively to television shows, movies and books. This is because they’re more focused on enjoying experiences, rather than criticizing them. That’s why activities like golf, bowling, fishing, or hiking are primarily done by older adults; they have the patience and are able to live and enjoy the moment better than any other person.

All the Time in the World

One of the greatest advantages of growing old is the time. Older adults have done their part and now can have all the free time they deserve. Let the young people wake up early and run to work. Mature adults did it as well, now their time can be expended enjoying; and there are plenty of activities to being active and entertained. They are the main travelers around the world. They paid their fee, now let them enjoy all their precious time.

Older adults have so much advantages, and yet some people continues to call them seniors; how is that possible? Nobody says handicapped anymore, we say differently abled. Nobody say Indians anymore, we say Native Americans. That’s because we as society realized that these words were incorrect and even offensive. So it’s time to recognize the older persons as what they are; “a 75-year-old woman”, “a 68-year-old man”, “an older adult”, “a mature person”. That’s what they are, not seniors; and of course, not elderly.

Sani Dental Group wants to take the liberty and celebrate this day, but not as National Seniors Citizens day. We celebrate today to those older adults with whatever name they want to be called: Mature Persons day, Wise Adults day; or if it’s of their preference, Sally’s day, Peter’s day, Joan’s day, Donald’s day. They deserve to be called as they want to be called and not being institutionalized by some antiquated term they don’t feel to fit in.

We invite you to visit one of our dental clinics where you’ll always be treated with respect and dignity. Sani Dental Group have the experience and recognition to understand older adults and how they want to be attended. We care not only for your dental health, but to give you the most respectful service.