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How to Smile

Smiling should be a pleasure, never a cause of stress; but there are many people that say literally “I don’t like my smile”. What are they talking about? A smile makes everything better. If you think that your smile is not good enough, you should think twice: every smile is good. Sometimes when you don’t like your smile is just about perspective, you just need to appreciate it as it is.

It’s National Smile Week, and we keep celebrating. That’s why we want you to smile and enjoy it; there are tiny details that can improve your smile if you don’t think it’s great (but you should know, probably your smile is just amazing). Sani Dental Group, as always, wants to see you smile, and we give you a few recommendations to improve your smile and wear it secure and confident: because by smiling everything is better.

Be Genuine

That’s the first rule about smiling; we all can notice a fake smile and nobody likes it. While there’s not always possible to feel happy, if you’re about to deliver a smile, you should really feel it into you. Remember that smiling is not only about your mouth, there are other elements that people around you can see to determine if your smile is real or not.

A genuine pretty smile can make you look trustworthy, but a pretended smile could give others the impression that you can't be trusted. So don’t forget: if you’re going to smile, feel it.

Enjoy Your Smile

Smiling is one of the greatest pleasures in the world, and it’s free! So when you smile, let yourself feel it and enjoy it in a big way. Take a minute every day to stop from all your duties and only feel the pleasure of give a gigantic, fabulous smile to the world; the world will thank you.

When you enjoy your smile, it’s probably that you smile more often, and who don’t want to smile all the time possible? The more you smile, the more you enjoy; the more you enjoy, the more you smile. It’s a virtuous circle, and if you’re worried about how your smile looks, stop thinking about it and just enjoy it as much as you can.


Have you ever hidden your smile in front of people for fear to look bad? Why?! Are you crazy? Smiling is not just an incredible pleasure to you, but to everybody around. When you share your smile, you become contagious, and that’s not something bad. With your smile you can take the joy and happiness that you’re feeling and let others feel it too; so why wouldn’t you?

Your smile is powerful, and by sharing it you can make people around smile too. There’s not a better gift that a smile, and you’re able to share it around. And if you still think that your smile doesn’t look good, stop it already, every smile is beautiful.

Stop Thinking About It

The best part about smiling is to just let it be; feeling how the delight comes into you and let your smile shine without thinking how it looks. The worst thing that can happen when you smile is that you make someone’s day happier. If you ever see yourself at the mirror or in pictures and think “what’s wrong with my smile?”, then just stop thinking about it. Smiling is about enjoyment and happiness, and that has nothing to do with looks.

Let yourself be as happy as you want to be and don’t put your thoughts on how you look; a smile is the best beauty accessory.

So if you really want to know how to smile, the answer is simple: just do it as big and enjoyable as you want, because there’s not such a thing as a bad smile. Sani Dental Group is always with you to keep your smile shining; a good dental care is always necessary, but let us worry about that; we’ll take care of your teeth, you take care of being happy.

Sani Dental Group invites you to keep celebrating this week and always improve your dental care. You can visit one of our dental clinics or give us a call, we’ll always be available to give you all the information you need to keep your smile not just beautiful, but healthy and strong.