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7 Great Reasons to Smile Every Day

During the 2nd week of August, National Smile Week is celebrated and scientific studies have proven that smiling causes happiness. This week is a perfect reason to smile and be a little happier. As you have a big and proud smile in your face, the world can notice how perfect your smile is; so don’t hide your smile. In this post, Sani Dental Group gives you 7 reason to smile every day.

1. Smiling Helps you Reduce Stress

Researchers have found that wearing a smile brings incredible benefits, like slowing down the heart and reducing stress. Even a fake smile can still make you feel happy and relaxed. You only need to smile for a brief period of time to experience these benefits. Don’t forget, even if you feel that the world is falling apart, a smile will improve everything.

2. Smiling Can Make Others Happy Too

Have you ever heard that famous song by Louis Armstrong that says “when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you?” Well, it’s completely true. Smiles are contagious. There’s a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. The brain has mirror cells. These are activated when you witness someone performing some action and when you smile, mirror cells in other people are activated and respond with another warm smile. So show your smile and make everyone around you happier.

3. Smiling Reduces your Pain

Believe it or not, smiling is a natural painkiller. When you smile, the brain releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemicals that make you feel calm and decreases pain. In addition to reducing your pain, endorphins leads to feelings of euphoria, modulation of appetite, and enhancement of the immune response.
Now that you know this, don’t forget to smile every day as often as you can.

4. Smiling Makes you More Attractive

The power of smiling can actually make you look and feel younger. During a research in which participants were asked to guess the age of various persons in pictures and choose the more attractive ones, those who had a smile in the face were the ones who ranked higher in attractiveness and lower in age. This is because when you smile, you get in a state where you’re happy and not having distressing thoughts. The best make-up that you can use is a big shiny smile in your face.

5. Smiling Helps with Business Success

Yes, it’s true. Smiling can bring success in your business. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that affective social signals through facial expressions have a significant influence on how customers perceive your service. This can help you to sign deals with clients or business partners. This is because while you smile, the perception that other people have of you is of trust and confidence. A genuine smile in your face is capable of bringing empathy with customers, partners, or anyone who you’re dealing with.

6. Smiling Brings You Closer to Your Friends and Family

Who doesn’t want to be around a happy person? People are naturally drawn to those who have a good outlook on life. So when you smile, those who are around and close to you will want to be closer because you evoke joy in them. People who are always unhappy will see how everyone around them put some distance. It’s ok to be unhappy sometimes, life is not perfect, but a smile on your face will always send the message that life is good.

7. Smiling Can Make you Live Longer

Researchers at Columbia University have found that happier people are less likely to develop heart problems. It also strengthens your immune system. As we’ve seen, smiling brings happiness, and happiness brings health. Research also shows that a positive attitude can increase life expectancy in a high percentage. In 2010, Wayne State University examined the 1952 baseball card photos of Major League players, and guess what? Players who smiled in the pictures lived an average of seven years more than those who didn’t smile. So, a good shiny smile is not only capable of making you look younger, happy, and attractive: it can give you a longer, happier, positive life.

You need more reasons? For Sani Dental Group, your smile is our priority. Our goal is not only to give you a pretty smile, it’s making you happy. We invite you to visit one of our dental clinics to receive the best treatment to make your smile a perfect one and don’t forget to show those beautiful white pearls wherever you go and make the world a better place bringing happiness to everyone around you. Always remember, when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.