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3 Bad Habits that Are Affecting Your Teeth

What if we tell you that you're hurting your teeth just because of your daily routine? It's something difficult to hear, but it's entirely true. There are certain habits that almost everybody does every day without considering the damage caused to your teeth. With time, these habits that seem harmless can end up having serious consequences for your dental health. Well, it doesn't have to be that way, today we share with you 3 bad habits that are affecting your teeth and how to prevent them.

Drinking Coffee First Thing in the Morning

This is a common habit, and an enjoyable one, too. Waking up to turn on the coffee maker and enjoy a hot cup of coffee sounds like the ideal morning. Well, coffee is an acidic drink, which means that it wears out the enamel in your teeth, causing stains. When you drink coffee first thing in the morning and then go out to work, you're leaving all the acids from coffee getting into the pores of your enamel. This has as a consequence the decoloration of your teeth, and if you don't do anything about it, you'll probably end up having tooth decay.

How to Prevent the Damage

We won't ask you to stop drinking coffee, we know you won't, but there are ways to enjoy coffee while taking care of your teeth. First of all, drink your coffee in one sitting and brush your teeth after. This helps to remove the acids from your mouth before they can do some damage. Also, when you're drinking coffee, don't forget to have a glass of water at side. Drink a sip of water every 3 sips of coffee so you can neutralize the acids from coffee. In addition, using a straw to drink your coffee can prevent the liquid from hitting directly on your teeth. Integrating these habits to your morning coffee routine can save your smile.

Chewing Ice, Pens, Pencils, Toothpicks, Etc. 

There are things that teeth are meant to do, and things they don't. Wrecking ice or chewing pencils, for example, are things that your teeth are not made for, and they're really harmful. Chewing ice, pencils, or toothpicks can cause wear and tear on the tooth and enamel surfaces. If your teeth are already worn, you could even crack the tooth structure because of these habits. Besides, you have no idea of how many bacteria are on pens, pencils, and other objects, so you better keep them away from your mouth.

How to Prevent the Damage

First of all, stop it. Chewing ice or any other object brings only harm to your dental health, so stop doing it. There are reasons why people adopt these habits, one of the most common is a certain level of anxiety. If you have the need of chewing something, replace those objects with sugarless gum. Besides of helping to take away the things you shouldn't chew, sugarless gum has its own benefits for your teeth. So now you know, if you want a healthy smile, put that pencil away.

Drinking Soda at Any Time of the Day

Let us put it this way: when you drink soda, you're immersing your teeth in pure acid. The effects of soda are even worse if you're sipping it over the day instead of drinking it in one sitting. If you drink soda and you don't brush your teeth almost immediately, the acids will eat away the tooth enamel. The longer acids stay in your mouth, the worse it is. The problems it can cause are countless, but just to mention some of them, we'll tell you that it leads to decay, gum disease, and tooth loss.

How to Prevent the Damage

The first tip that we'll give you is to stop drinking soda. Besides the harm it causes to your teeth, it's one of the largest sugar sources. Anyway, if you can't stop drinking soda and other fizzy drinks, at least be careful. Using a straw can prevent the liquid from hitting directly on your teeth, reducing the impact on your enamel. Also, there's nothing wrong with enjoying a cold glass of soda, but be sure to brush soon after. By brushing, you can take away the acid from your mouth before it starts causing damage. 

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