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Brighter Smiles for the Little Ones

As part of our mission of making a difference through smiles, on March 14th, 2016, Sani Dental Group offered a dental hygiene class in the elementary school of Los Algodones. With the participation of D.D.S. Noemi Espinoza, children learned the importance of oral care and how to do it properly. There were many questions from everyone about the right way to use a toothbrush, so the dentist used the model of a set of teeth to clear them all.

Among the questions, children asked why teeth fall out, what are the names and functions of each tooth, and how tooth decay is caused. Everyone in the class had a lot of fun while learning about their dental health. The dentist even invited one of them to prove his new knowledge by brushing the set of teeth model. Although he was a little dubious at the beginning, everyone ended up cheering for him and he showed them how a good brushing is done.

There were 2 groups of 30 children who received the class and we couldn't be prouder for the results. Everyone received a new toothbrush to apply the lessons from the dentist. It was very important for us to explain the importance of dental health to these children, and we believe that we achieved it. Seeing the groups of children excited for the next time to brush their teeth was the best payoff we could ask.

This is just another of the goals of Sani Dental Group to make a difference in Los Algodones. We hope that what started with Los Algodones Fundraising Event 2016 can keep growing to bring a positive impact in this town. Our mission is to continue finding ways to make of Los Algodones the best place  to its people and its visitors. We believe that together we can make a big difference in this town that has given us so much, so we expect to count on you. 

To be part of our activities, visit our social responsibility page where you'll be able to see our progress and sending us your information to join us on our next events. Remember that is because of the preference of our patients that we can make this possible, so this is in big part thanks to you. We'll keep working to accomplish our mission of a better Los Algodones and we're sure that with your help we will.

Special thanks to the Miguel Hidalgo Elementary School for letting us share the importance of dental health with its students. We hope to be back soon and keep making a difference.