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Tips and Benefits of YOGA

“Lately a friend of mine has been complaining of constant back pain; then again he works as a driver for UPS, driving anywhere from 8hrs to weeks.” – mentioned Jack.

“With so much work on my hands, lately I barely have time for myself, giving me terrible headaches.” – mentioned Debra.

“I started to run last week, however I forgot to warm-up before and now I have had a leg cram all week. “ – mentioned Ashley.

Have you experience any of the problems mention above? If you have, we are pleased to let you know, that there is a simple solution to all of these. A practice that can reduce and prevent many of our body or mind problems is: YOGA.

You probably have heard that yoga is good for you; maybe you have even tried a few of these steps, but how does yoga benefit you? Yoga offers its users several mental and physical health benefits. Whether you are suffering from back pain, headaches, poor flexibility, joint pain or mental stress; yoga can help you reduce and prevent these.

Physical Benefits


As we get older, our balance suffers and we need to improve it; yoga can help. Those who practice yoga have experienced an improvement in balance. Thanks to these techniques, you can improve your body balanced.

  • Awkward Chair
  • Eagle Pose
  • Forward Bend
  • Half Moon Pose
  • King Dancer Pose
  • Revolved Half Moon Pose
  • Standing Split
  • Sugarcane Pose
  • Tree Pose
  • Warrior III


As we age our body gains many improvements, however there comes a point where we lose some of these benefits. Flexibility is one of them; but through yoga you move and stretch in new ways, helping you to become more flexible. Yoga can ameliorate muscle stiffness, reducing pain and immobility and helping you have a healthier body. To improve flexibility our dental clinic recommends the following yoga moves:

  • Hamstrings

    • Standing Forward Bend
    • Triangle Pose
    • Reclined Big Toe Pose
    • Seated Wide-Legged Straddle
  • Hips

    • Eye of the Needle
    • Pigeon
    • Double Pigeon
  • Shoulders

    • Eagle Pose
    • Bridge Pose
    • Cow Face Pose

Improve Breathing

Most of us simply take breaths and don’t really think about and often forget the old proverb that states, "Life is in the breath. He who half breathes half lives."

Through breathing exercises, called pranayama, yoga practitioners learn how to take deeper breaths, breaths that benefit the entire body. These breathing techniques help clear your nasal passages, calms your central nervous system and simply offers both physical and mental benefits.

Joint Health

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a symptom that affects your joints, causing pain, numbness and other disorders. People who practice yoga have seen an outstanding reduction in pain and an improvement in mobility.

Muscle Tone

Practicing yoga will give you muscles, you will be stronger and your muscles will be long, lean and tone.

Pain Prevention

Better balance, improve flexibility and stronger muscles will help prevent most types of back pain. Most adults spend hours sitting at a computer or driving; this can lead to tightness and spinal compression. Yoga can prevent this pain, improving your body health.


Have you tried any of the yoga poses? Many of these require you to support your body weight in new ways or focused in one area (legs or arms).

Mental Benefits


By practicing yoga your body becomes more aware; in addition to improving your posture, you will soon have greater self-confidence.

Calm Mind

If you suffer from anxiety attacks yoga asana practice can be de solution you are looking for. This intense meditation technique making you concentrate and focus on what your body is doing, eliminating distractions and bringing calmness to the mind.
These skills have proven to be very valuable in intense situation off the mat.

Stress Reduction

Stress is a symptom that affects both young and the young at heart to reduce or relieve stress doctors recommend physical activities. As you learn to not worry on past or future events, you can reduce stress and live a calmer life.

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