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Your Best Option to Get Affordable Dental Care

For many people, thinking about dental care equals thinking about spending a lot of money. In many cases, these people can even avoid getting dental work because they don't have money enough to afford it. This is a serious subject because not treated dental diseases can lead to affectations on your overall health. If you want to have a healthy body, is indispensable that you have a healthy dental care, and money shouldn't be an impediment for that. To help you with this, here we share with you the best option you have to get affordable dental care.

The Data

First of all, let's talk about why is so important to look for affordable dental care. According to a 2013 study, 75% of people in the US have at least a single urgent dental care need. 50% of Americans say that high costs are the biggest hurdle to visit a dentist. Approximately, 82 million Americans say they have no preventative dental care, nor are they seeking it. Finally, a 12% of people in the US say they won't visit the dentist in the next five years.

This data shows us how the price of preventive and corrective dental care has promoted the lack of dental health habits. Fortunately, nowadays people can find affordable options to get the dental work they need through Dental Tourism.

Dental Tourism

You're reading this because you want to know which is the best option to get affordable dental care, and dental tourism is the answer. Dental Tourism is the action of traveling to a foreign country to get dental work. Through this practice, thousands of people have found a way to recover their smile. The main reason why dental tourism has become such a popular practice is because of the big savings it represents. By traveling, you can save up to 70% on dental treatments compared to the US and Canada prices. 

The quality of the treatments that you can get through dental tourism is as good as in the US and Canada. This means that you can get high-quality dental treatments for just the 30% of the price you would pay in those countries. Even when you consider the traveling and lodging expenses, you'll realize that you can save a lot by choosing dental tourism. Now that you know about this option, you can't use the money as an excuse to not have a beautiful smile.

The Best Dental Tourism Destination

Los Algodones is a little town in northern Mexico, right in the border with Arizona. It is the northernmost town in Latin America, and it's well-known as the capital of Dental Tourism in the world. Los Algodones receives more than 3,000 people daily. These people, in their majority from the US and Canada, come all the way down here to get dental work at an affordable price. For all these people, Los Algodones isn't just a town to receive dental treatments, but it's a place to enjoy a great time. That's what dental tourism is all about: getting your dental treatments at a price you can pay while you have a vacation.

In Los Algodones, you can find a solution to any dental need you have. Some clinics like Sani Dental Group are even certified by the American Dental Association, which means that the procedures performed in those clinics meet the highest quality standards. There are even financing options at your disposal, so what are you waiting for? Dental Tourism is the option you were looking for to have the smile you've always wanted.

If you decide to visit the best place, we also invite you to visit the best clinic. Sani Dental Group is the largest dental group in Los Algodones, and one of the largest in Mexico. We have more than 30 doctors in 3 different locations to cover all your dental needs. When you're looking for affordable dental care in Mexico, Sani Dental Group is your best option. Give us a call and our team of patient coordinators will give you all the information you need. Also, don't forget to subscribe our newsletter to receive special offers every month. To have the smile you've always wanted is possible, you just have to take the decision.