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7 Dental Tips (Part 3)

Conclusion time is here, continuing with last weeks tips, Sani Dental Group will now developed the last 3 dental tips mention 2 weeks ago in our blog7 Dental Tips

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is import to improve and maintain good oral health. Remember we are what we eat and if you want to improve your health you will need to improve your eating habits. Try to add fruits and vegetables to your diet doing this will improve your overall health, self-esteem and your smile.

Remember certain fruits and vegetables can prevent a number of diseases, by using the correct combinations you can clean your body from a number of pathogens. The vitamins and minerals contains in fruits can improve metabolism (vitamin B), improve your immune system (vitamin C), treat and prevent diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol (vitamin D, E) and number of more diseases. However this is a topic/blog for the future. Watch next week post, as we will mention our top 20 choices, for the best fruits and vegetables.

Home Remedies

Teeth will naturally darken with age, but you can prevent that; you can prevent by having a healthy diet and formulating a few home remedies.

Hydrogen peroxide, a liquid that has been used in the past to treat skin wounds, can also serve as an antiseptic for your mouth. After pouring 2 tablespoons into your mouth, the solution will begin to foam (the foam is an indication that hydrogen peroxide has combine with the bacteria in our mouth). This solution will make your smile brighter. If you add baking soda to the solution then you will be protecting your teeth’s enamel and have fresh breath. We advise you try home remedies at least once a week.

If you suffer from toothache and are unable to reach a dentist or need an immediate solution, make sure you have these item in your home.

Remember cartoon characters that treated their tooth pain by wrapping a cloth bandage around their jaw with a funny knot at the top of their head? Well believe it or not, throughout history this was a method to relieve tooth pain; by wrapping the cloth around the jaw dental soreness was reduce. To increase the efficiency you can arsenic and/or chloroform sold in your local pharmacies. Afraid arsenic or chloroform will harm you? Try a more natural approach you can soak a cotton ball in clove oil; cloves are safe to ingest and have natural analgesic properties. Another natural approach you can use is salt in warm water.

For further questions please call Toll Free 1-855-SANI-DDS or (928) 257-1307.

Regular Dentist Visits

Nothing beats the professionals; regular visits to your dentist will improve your oral health. Make sure you visit your dentist at least twice a year; your dentist can keep an eye out for diseases like:

  • Bad Breath
  • Gum Disease (Periodontal)
  • Oral Cancer
  • Tooth Decay
  • Tooth Erosion

Also he/she can clean those hard to reach areas and provide you a personal plan that will protect your teeth and improve your smile. Sani Dental Group has dedicate years to learn the techniques that will protect your teeth from any harm, why don’t you schedule and appointment call Toll Free 1-855-SANI-DDSor (928) 257-1307.