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7 Dental Tips worth knowing (Part 2)

Continuing with last week's tips, Sani Dental Group will now develop the first 4 dental tips mention in our previous blog 7 Dental Tips

Choose the Correct Toothbrush

Oral hygiene is important, but to do it right we must have the correct tools. What is better an Electronic toothbrush or a Manual toothbrush?

Electronic Toothbrushes offer a wide range of benefits, these include oral health benefits, and many technological features, and can even improve our brushing habits.

Some of the technologies that an Electronic Toothbrush offers include:

  • Specialized Models for sensitive teeth, whitening, or gum massaging.
  • Timer to keep track of time spent in each quadrant of your mouth.
  • Pressure sensors to avoid damage to tooth enamel.
  • Digital reminders that tell you when to replace your toothbrush head.
  • Multiple Heads options; you can choose the bristles that best suit your needs.
  • Among other features and options that will make brushing a great experience.

Regular Manual Toothbrush, while these old fashion toothbrushes don’t offer the same features as an electronic toothbrush; manual toothbrushes have many technology features in their brush heads, bristles, and handle designs that compete with electronic toothbrushes.

Some of the technologies that Manual Toothbrush offers include:

  • Textured Bristles.
  • Tongue cleaner pads.
  • Multi-level Bristles.
  • Whitening design Bristles (Cupped-Bristles).
  • Ergonomically designed handles with special grips.
  • Among other features and options that will make brushing a great experience.

Choose the Correct Toothpaste

In today’s market, you might feel overwhelmed by all the types of toothpaste available. Just keep a few things in mind when choosing toothpaste:

  1. The toothpaste you choose must be used every day.
  2. The toothpaste must contain Fluoride.

There are several toothpaste options available in pharmacies or grocery stores and usually, all these options have fluoride and a good flavor.

Also, today’s toothpaste offers many benefits and can satisfy the oral needs of virtually everybody. In addition to teeth cleaning, toothpaste offers tartar control, antimicrobial agents, or teeth whitening ingredients.

Brushing Correctly

While brushing, make sure you brush for the appropriate length of time. Many dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for at least 2~3 minutes per brush; spending 30 sec per quadrant.

Give each tooth the appropriate attention and don’t forget your tongue, the tongue is the home of millions of bacteria, including those that cause bad breath, plaque, tartar, and tooth decay.

Floss Daily

Are you afraid of the floss? Don’t blame you; many of us never learn how to use dental floss and when we did use it blood came out.

In order to obtain all the benefits of flossing you need to be sure you know the correct technique. Remember to wash your hands before you floss, you will be using your fingers and don’t want to transfer bacteria.

Using the correct technique will help you remove excess food particles and plaque; here are a few tips for you:

  • Floss Length:
    • Make sure you have the appropriate length of floss, 18 -20 inches is recommended. Wrap the floss around the index finger of your hand and around the index finger of your other hand.
  • Slide Between Teeth:
    • Gently slide the floss between each tooth in a zigzag motion, remember to do it gently; you don’t want the floss to snap and damage your gums.
  • The “C” Form
    • Make a C shape with floss around your teeth; then pull the floss up from the gum line; remember to do it in a gentle motion.
  • Reach Every Tooth:
    • Don’t forget the teeth in the back; these teeth can also accumulate plaque, and the correct use of floss will prevent this.