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7 Dental Tips

In addition to offering dental services, Sani Dental Group cares about your health.

Sani Dental Group will introduce something new. Our Blog will now include a variety of TIPS with interesting topics, for example:

  • Dental and Oral Health
  • Health / Disease prevention
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Food and Cultures
  • News - Education

Now, if there is a tip you are especially interested in, leave a comment and we'll talk about it in future publications.

We will begin, by providing you 7 Dental tips that wil improve your Oral Health and your smile!!!

1. Choose the Right Toothbrush

  • Soft/Mid bristles are a good option because they do less damage to your teeth enamel
  • Electronic/Sonic toothbrushes help break and destroy tartar build up
  • Changing toothbrushes every 2-3 months prevents the formation of bacteria in toothbrush

2. Choose the Correct Toothpaste

  • Must include fluoride to prevent cavities

3. Brushing Correctly

  • Brush 2 times a day, more than 3 times can harm teeth enamel
  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue to avoid bad breath

4. Floss Daily

  • Using Floss will prevent tartar!

5. Healthy Diet

  • Celery and apples can clean your teeth between meals
  • Dairy products contain calcium and strengthen your teeth
  • Avoid food that contain sugar and acids

6. Home Remedies

  • Hydrogen peroxide & H2O makes your smile brighter
  • Baking soda toothpaste protects teeth and brightens your smile
  • Apple cider vinegar serves as a whitening agent

7. Regular Dentist Visits

  • Dentists can provide you additional information regarding your dental health
  • Visit your Dentist at least twice a year to prevent dental health issues and keep your smile beautiful

Let us know how we can help you

Sani Dental Group team is looking forward to taking care of your oral and overall health.