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5 Ways to Get Children to Brush and Floss

Getting children to brush and floss daily can be a hard task. It seems like they hate everything that has something to do with their dental health. But the importance of oral hygiene in children is invaluable.

It's not just about taking care of their teeth, but about creating habits that stay with them. To make this task easier, we share with you 5 ways to get children to take care of their dental health.

Make It a Competition

There are things that motivate children to make things. One of the strongest in the competition. If you have in your house more than one kid running around, why don't you make brushing and flossing a game for them?

The one who does it better may have a prize. Or maybe the one who has the cleaner mouth will choose the movie that the family will see that night. Children love games, and if you make oral hygiene a game, they will want to play.

Be the Example to Follow

Kids don't want to be treated as kids. They want to be big boys or big girls, so they follow the example of the adults.

If they see you brushing and flossing, the chances are that they will want to do it as well because it's what adults do.

Also, it's important that children can witness how you take care of your dental health if you're constantly telling them to do it as well. You're the guide for children around you, so be a good one.

Let Them Choose their Toothbrush

Just think about the big difference between brushing with a generic blue or red toothbrush and brushing with an Avengers one. There are a lot of toothbrushes with colors and characters that children love, so by letting them choose, they can be more excited about brushing.

Their attention may even be caught by an electric toothbrush, whatever makes brushing more exciting for them.

Use Disclosing Tablets

Do you remember them? These tablets use vegetable dye to turn plaque into color. This activity can be fun for children as they take a mission to remove all the colors from their teeth. And if you offer them a reward for brushing away all the colors, we assure you they will be excited about brushing and flossing.

Find a Friendly Dentist

algodones-dentistWe all know how frightening going to the dentist can be for children. Anyway, if they visit a dentist who is gentle and friendly, kids can have a different perspective about oral hygiene.

There is a big difference between a terrifying dentist and a friendly dentist. Children won't listen to what the terrifying one has to say, but if the dentist is friendly and kind, they will listen and follow his/her indications.

So now you know, getting children to brush and floss is entirely possible if you do it the right way. Teach children about the importance of dental health since childhood and they will thank you for life. And of course, don't forget to take care of your own dental health.

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