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Mexico offers us many cultural areas, moments, and events; among them is 5 de Mayo.

Last year, Sani Dental Group did a post in which we explained the Battle of Puebla.

Curiously this date is often confused with Mexico Independence Day, but the battle of Puebla is not only a holiday that commemorates Mexico's victory over the French or that established national unity and patriotism. 5 de Mayo also involves many traditions.

Languages of Mexico

The primary language spoken in Mexico is Spanish, nearly 92% of the Mexican population speaks Spanish and about 6% of the population speaks Spanish and indigenous languages, such as Mayan, Nahuatl and other regional languages.

Mexico's rich language has influence other languages, like English; words like chocolate, coyote, tomato, and avocado all originated in Nahuatl.

Mexican Art and Literature

Mexican art and literature have also played a significant role in Mexico’s traditions.

In the case of 5 de Mayo, there are several paintings representing the stressful events occurring during Mexico’s civil war era.

In addition, clay pottery, embroidered cotton garments, wool shawls, and outer garments with angular designs, colorful baskets and rugs are items commonly use to represent 5 de Mayo and many other Mexican traditions.

Mexico’s primary music style is the Mariachi style of folk music, a style that originated in the southern part of the state of Jalisco sometime in the 19th century. Regarding Mexico art, two of their most famous artists are Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, through their paintings they demonstrated Mexico's vibrant colors and depictions of life.

Mexican Clothing

Mexico clothing is also unique, many don’t know that some of the most famous fashion designers come from Mexico, designers like Jorge Duque and Julia y Renata among others.

With this in mind, we can be sure that Mexico fashion has a deep influence in their festivities, festivities like 5 de Mayo.

Mexico’s clothing has also influenced international trends, in cities throughout the world we can see women dress in skirts, sleeveless tunics called huipils, capes known as quechquémitls, and shawls called rebozos; for men, we can see them in a large blanket cape called a sarape, boots and the charro suits worn by Mariachi bands.

Mexican Food

Mexico is known worldwide for its tequila production, a drink made from agave cactus that is well suited to the climate of central Mexico.

Other traditional culinary dishes include corn or wheat tortillas, along with beans, rice, tomatoes, chili peppers, and chorizo. Empanadas and various types of tacos are eaten in 5 de Mayo throughout the world.

We invite you to share with us your favorite Mexican dish.

Mexico Values

Mexicans put high-value family matters, for Mexicans hosting parties at their homes plays a large role in Mexican life, and making visitors feel comfortable is a large part of the values and customs.

For 5 de Mayo, we can see this tradition, today many families will gather at a friend's or family home. They will make carne asada (BBQ) or another traditional Mexican dish, maybe share a few beers or drinks, and overall be a good host.

Mexican parents know the importance of showing their children traditions, for this reason, they very hard to show their young one's values, values that they will be able to transmit to future generations.

Through holidays, parents are able to teach and re-enforce values and traditions, spent time with their family and create memorable moments.

Sani Dental Group invites you to share with us your 5 de Mayo traditions. Which of the above options do you follow? Which ones will you begin to follow? Let our dental clinic know and if you experience any dental pain during the celebration, keep us in your mind and contact one of the patient coordinators. Have an excellent 5 de Mayo, follow and share your favorite traditions with your family and loved ones, enjoy every moment you with them and make everlasting memories.

Sani Dental Group invites you to Los Algodones, come and see how Mexico celebrates and commemorates this date. Enjoy margaritas, Mexican dishes, listen to live mariachi music, and enjoy the time with the family and friends.