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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dental Clinic

Los Algodones, Mexico is a town with more than 300 dental clinics, and when it´s time to choose the one you´ll head on your next dental vacation, you have to consider a lot of things before deciding which one suits your needs better.

Making an appointment to get dental treatment in Los Algodones means your new smile will be in the hands of someone else. But, how can you know if you can trust them?

Traveling to another country to get dental work could be stressful, we want to help disappear any doubts and make sure you have all the information to make the right decision and for you to have the best experience.

While looking for the best dental service in town, there are 3 factors to consider when choosing a dental clinic, and today we would like to share them with you to make this job easier.

  • Choose the Clinic That Has Bilingual Doctors and Staff

Communication is key. It´s very important that you communicate your doubts and concerns to your dentists, and it’s even more important that you can understand every step of the procedure they will perform.

When choosing a dental clinic, it is important to consider the bilingual factor, meaning all staff can speak your language and you´ll have no problem during your appointment.

Sani Dental Group´s dentists are all bilingual, so next time you visit our clinics you should not be afraid that someone might not understand you. At our clinic, you'll also find brochures, flyers with information written in English.

In case you need any further information about treatments, you could also ask one of our dental clinic staff members they gladly will answer any of your questions and help you understand all details about our procedures. 

In Los Algodones, language barriers don't exist! Everybody in town speaks English. While walking around town you will be able to communicate with everybody.

  • The Clinic and Their Doctors Must Have Credentials.

Trustful clinics have international recognition. When doing your online research, look for the clinic´s credentials and accreditations. This will also show that the doctors are trained to perform a dental procedure with positive and satisfactory results. Check out Sani Dental Group´s credentials here.

We recommend you that before arriving at your clinic of choice, consider one of these important factors and make a detailed research about the doctors and specialists working there, just to feel more confident that they will be the right ones to perform your treatment. 

At Sani Dental Group, any kind of procedure is performed by specialized dentists, not by an intern. All of the doctors working with us have graduated and worked under a continuous education program; this means that every year they participate in seminars, congresses or courses all around the country and the United States.

They care about staying updated about the different technologies and procedures in order to offer better service to their patients.

Sani Dental Group dentists are highly trained to perform any kind of dental procedure; everything from a simple procedure like a dental cleaning to a more laborious procedure such as Zygomatic implants. 

  • Compare Prices, Services, and Reviews.

Paying a high price for a dental procedure doesn´t mean you´ll have excellent results, and neither does a low price mean the results will be awful.

For us, it’s important for you to consider that the prices for dental work in Mexico are lower not because they’re not good quality.

What happens is that University in Mexico is not as expensive as in the United States, the government subsidizes many dentists' education, so this means dentists in Mexico don't need to charge as much because they don't graduate with big student debts. Education in Mexico can be as good as in the U.S.A the only difference are the prices citizens pay for it.

One of the reasons for the inexpensive prices for any procedure is the exchange rate, as well as the lower operation costs and lower labor costs. You don't need to exchange your dollars because the currency in Los Algodones is U.S dollars.

Now that you know this you can proceed with your investigation, in which it's very important to check your candidates´ price list, promotions, additional services, and warranty plans. By doing this, you´ll get a clear idea of which clinic suits your needs and budget best.

We also recommend you to check the clinic´s past patient reviews, look for videos or call them to ask for all the information you need. All of this will make you feel confident about your decision.

Sani Dental Group´s Dentists and Specialties 

Sani Dental Group is recognized for being the only dental center in the city to be certified by the Medical Tourism Association.

Also,  Sani Dental Group was named the Number One Clinic in Los Algodones by the GCR. Also, after a meticulous process, we earned the Global Clinic Rating certification due to its outstanding score in four important pillars: facilities, standards, expertise, and patient feedback.

The GCR accreditation is not the only one we have, check them out by clicking here.

With two clinics in town, more than 35 years of experience in dental services and tourism, Sani Dental Group is one of the largest most professional clinics in town.

As the largest dental group in this town, we count with two clinics. Sani Dental Group is located on the main street of the city Alamo St. 

Our second clinic, Sani Dental Group Platinum is just a few blocks ahead from the first one. It's very simple to get to any of our two locations from the border. 

We trust our doctors and our staff that's why we offer between 2 and 5-year warranty in all of the high-quality procedures performed by our dentists. So you’ll be able to go back home with the smile of your dreams, and without worrying about anything. Your comfort and security after dental treatment are one of our main concerns.

There might be more than 300 dental clinics in Los Algodones, but you must choose the one which offers you more quality for a price you can pay. Sani Dental Group not only offers high-quality dental treatments, but it also offers great warranty plans for each of them!

One of the many advantages of choosing Sani Dental Group is our own on-site laboratory. Depending on the treatment you need, some extra studies may be requested by your dentist. We count with an on-site laboratory that will make everything easier for our patients. You don't need to worry about finding a laboratory, we got you covered!

To know a little more about our staff, doctors, and facilities, we invite you to read 20 Facts About Sani Dental Group, you’ll discover more about our services, or maybe you rather take a peek at some of our past patients' reviews, videos, and promotions. Compare the information yourself and make the right choice.

Give us a call, our team of patient coordinators is waiting for you, and they will gladly answer all of your questions.