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11 Effective Ways to Save Gas

The summer is here and Sani Dental Group knows that many of you will be traveling, in order to save on gas, we offer you these smart tips that will help you save on gas.

Avoid Rush Hour

One of the worst areas where you can get stuck is in a traffic jam, but did you know that this area is also very expensive on your gas tank. Every time you get stuck in traffic you are constantly shifting between first and second gear, consumes a huge amount of fuel. A smart way to save on gas is to avoid rush hour, when possible; if you have to travel during rush hour a lot, then you could consider buying a Hybrid.

Check your Tire Pressure

Constantly check your tires pressure, if your tire’s pressure is low, it will consume more fuel to move down the road. Checking your tires pressure only takes a few minutes, but these minutes can save you gas and even your life. Be smart, check your tire pressure and save on gas.

FACT: If you're unsure of what your tire pressure should be, you can find the information inside the driver's door.

Close the Car's Window

Having an open window is not a problem when driving through town; but when driving on the highway, keep your car’s windows closed when driving over 55 mph, an open window can reduce your gas mileage by up to 10%. A smart way to save on gas is to keep your car’s windows closed, Sani recommends you to use air vents and A/C when possible.

Don’t Accelerate

Avoid pushing the accelerator too far down, the ideal way to travel is to travel at a constant speeds (usually at 50mph and at the highest gears). If you wish to lower your fuel bills, don’t accelerate and enjoy the ride.

Engine Check

Does the check engine light show in your car? Then it might be time to take your car to get serviced. Keeping your car in check will save you on gas and keep repairs at a low cost.

No A/C

Many have left the A/C on the whole year, but did you know that doing uses quite a bit of fuel? So if the temperature is acceptable, we advise you to turn the A/C off and enjoy the ride.

Nozzle Tip

When finish filling your gas tank, invert the pump nozzle 180 degrees, this will increase the chance of you getting the whole gasoline you are paying for; as much as an ounce or two of gasoline can be in there.

One Big Trip

Avoid making several trips when possible, try to combine all you daily errands into one big trip; this will reduce time and the waste of gasoline. Remember that when your car has been off for several hours the engine gets cold and it will use much more fuel for the first five miles after turning it on and driving off.

Remove Unnecessary Weight

Having unnecessary weight in your car will affect your gas tank, a smart way to save on gas is to remove heavy unnecessary objects.

Respect Speed Limit

Once in the road, you will see signs on the highway and streets that indicate speed limits; not respecting these limits can have several consequences. Many ignore the law to reach their destination faster, but the minutes you save actually involve using more fuel and maybe even a fine. Protect your wallet and respect the speed limits.

Smart Re-Fuel

Today there exist many cards and programs that offer you cash back or discount, when purchasing gas at the pump. We invite you to check online review and choose the program that best fits your needs.

The summer is here and many will soon hit the road and travel, either to visit their loves ones or to the dentist, here are a few practical and useful when traveling. If you would like more tips, we invite you to visit our blog site; in our blog has all sorts of information that is help to you and your love ones.