Patient Review

Brenda Parish

Houston, United States

I truly have nothing but praise for Sani Dental and it's staff. I have been going to Sani Dental every year for the last 5 years and I can honestly and emphatically say that I there is no where else I would consider going. I was having dental issues and in need of quite extensive work to replace and repair some teeth. Even with dental insurance I would have had to taken out a loan of thousands of dollars to get my teeth properly fixed. I simply could not afford it. I had heard about medical and dental travel and even though I was extremely nervous about the idea I owed it to myself to check it out. I am a librarian and tend to extensively research everything. So I began reading up on it and after much time, exploration, and effort I decided on Sani Dental in Los Algodones, Mx and have not regretted it for a moment. In fact, I believe that I could not have made a better choice. All 3 Sani clinics are beautiful, clean, and have state of the art equipment. There is always someone present that speaks English. I've been to both locations in Los Algodones and most recently I went to the Playa del Carmen location this past March 2020. In every clinic the dentist and staff are all very professional and went to great effort to make sure I was comfortable both during and preceding the appointment. I've had root canals, bone graph, crowns, implants, a bridge and a dental guard made. I've saved literally thousands of dollars, paid without taking out a loan, and I'm completely satisfied. Everything feels completely natural. My dentist here says the works looks great. My only regret is that they are so far away from Texas or I'd make them my regular dentist. For the record, The Playa del Carmen location is so much more like going on a vacation and just stopping in at the dentist for a side trip. We spent a week exploring all of the popular sites. I need to make one last comment. I was apprehensive of switching locations from Los Algodones to Playa because I wanted Dr Diego to complete the work. He had placed the implants last summer and I was comfortable with, and confident in him. However, I knew Playa had so much more to offer someone who is hanging out waiting to go to the dentist everyday and since I had always had great dentists at Sani I believed that the Playa location would be no different. I was right! Dr. Pamela is amazing!!!! She instantly puts you at ease. Very personable, friendly, and confident! Very gentle and caring! Good sense of humor! The entire staff were welcoming and helpful! They picked me up at my hotel everyday and gave me a ride back afterwards which saved a lot money in itself. In Los Algodones they even pick you up at the airport in Yuma and drive you to and from the dentist and back to the airport. If you're apprehensive about traveling for dental work, worry no more. There's no need! Sani Dental is the clear choice!