Patient Review

David Smith

Palm Springs, United States

Exceptional savings can be had by dental tourism, with careful planning and preparation. Arrange to have strong pain medication to take with you so that you do not have to scramble around to obtain them after treatments. The Sani Dental Group is not averse to doing extensive work in a short period of time, and this means more pain than we are used to (for example, I had deep ultrasonic cleaning of all 4 quadrants plus gum surgeries and crown extension preparations on every tooth in the same day, followed by several root canals the following day). Take an ice pack with you that can be filled with ice at your hotel. I stayed at the Sani-affiliated Hacienda, where the cooks prepare a limited menu of soft foods, which was helpful. However, on one of my 3 trips, a rain storm knocked out the water pump for several days which meant no showering. I had total mouth restoration with deep cleaning, 8 root canals, numerous fillings, gum surgery, and a new crown on every tooth, including a crown bridge for a missing molar, spaced over three trips, at a cost of $10,000, and saved over $35,000 when compared to the cost in the USA. I would never have been able to afford this in the USA, and was just sure that I was heading there to get extractions and dentures. However, with the periodontist, endodontist, and dentist all on site, they were confident that all my teeth could be saved, so I proceeded with the full mouth restoration. Very pleased with every aspect of my experience. If there were an option to upload a photo, I would do so to show you the beautiful job Sani Dental did for me.