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Patient Review

Lake Elsinore, Riverside May 15th, 2015

This is the post you really really need to read. I came to this clinic wondering if I was going to be able to handle the pain. I am 56 years old and I do not like pain. I had 22 extractions and 4 Nobel Biocare implants performed for the snap on denture system. You want to know the most painful part ? The anti inflammatory shot I got in my butt cheek after everything was done. No kidding. Day 1 was the exam including CT scan and panoramic scan and impressions for the temp dentures. This took a couple of hours. Day 2 was extractions and the implants. This took 4 hours to do. I had very slight swelling and actually little pain. I mean very little pain which I handled with Ibuprofen only. They did a laser treatment at the end of the implant surgery. Day 3 was to get a reline and to get everything rechecked. They took another CT scan and photos on Day 3 as well. I return in 5 months for the final snap on dentures. Dr. Magana did the extractions. This dude rocks. No pain for 22 extractions. 45 years experience as DDS. Dr. Victor Valencia did the implants and was professional and courteous to explain questions I had such as diameter and length of implants. Another home run I hit with this DDS. Sergio Reyes was the assistant in both procedures. Sergio Reyes is the best assistant I have ever met. Sergio Reyes was lights out and on his game when he was working with the doctors. You want to talk about team work ? Come here. The website speaks for itself. I did my research for months before I selected Sani Dental Platinum. You will not go wrong selecting Sani Dental. Just trust a brother on this call. If you are sitting on the fence post do not hesitate to use these guys. The front desk staff is outstanding. All of them. They flat out rock and roll. If you want to ask me a question....shoot me an email. Tony Reyes