Patient Review

Jacob Wilson

Missoula, MT, United States

I can't say enough about this place. The people are great. The facility is very clean. The price is very affordable compaired to anything in the states. I was able to cut my bill in half from the states even after having to travel from Montana. Dr. Carlos Morales did the two root canals that I had to have done I was nervous I was going to have to have implants because these two teeth were chipped so close to the gum line but he was able to build the tooth back up and save them. Dr. Jesus Uriel did my crowns and showed a great attention to detail insuring that my bite was perfect. It was clear that he took alot of pride in his work and did an excellent job. I hope the sani group realizes what an asset these two men are and what a good job they do representing your facility. I would not hesitate recommending either of these two doctors or Sani group for their dental work. Thanks again.