Patient Review

John Tumbleson

Thousand Oaks, CA, United States

I have been coming to Sani Dental for about 4 years now. My dental problems were extensive, and required several extractions, bone grafting, special implants, etc. I paid approximately $23,000 for this work . . . which believe it or not was a bargain . . . as the same procedures in the States would cost about $70,000. Although it sounds like a hassle, it was worth all the time and effort to make this happen. Tony at the Hacienda is one of the best hotel managers out there, and will take care of your every wish. I enjoyed every visit. I highly recommend Sani Dental. Any time there is a discussion about dental work, especially among friends, family and colleagues, I make sure they are aware that Sani is the best place to go - anywhere in the world! The bottom line - - my new "teeth" look and feel natural, and are solidly attached inside my mouth - as if there were my originals. There is no lisping or whistling, or any telltale signs that many denture wearers have to deal with. Keep in mind that any bone grafting will add a year to the process because you have to wait 6 months for the grafting to fully heal and solidify, and then another 6 months for the installed implant to fully heal and meld to the bone. I had the "All on Four" procedure for the uppers, and the "All on Six" on the lowers. The dentures are made from a solid block of Zirconium which is "cut" by a laser - really high tech stuff here. I want to thank Dr. Mike for is advice on what was needed, Dr. Marcus for his expert work with installing the implants, and especially Dr. Soto for her masterful artistry in creating the molds, and getting everything to fit and mesh perfectly. Thank you Sani!! John