Patient Review

Darrell Handyside

Lead, United States

I had five bridges done by sani dental in the past year, all of them were done at the same time within 4 days except for one which I came back to have done at a later time. All of the bridges were done to near perfection except for the fact that I had a few minor chips in the bridged teeth after about a year time which I went back to have repaired and was done so to my satisfaction. Due to cosmetics and previous plastic surgery I had done on my lip I had one of the bridges shortened in length to help me with my ability to speak and I had Dr. Naomi do the warranty work and she subsequently made the bridge perfect for me just the way I wanted and I was so very thankful after receiving the warranty work done to my request, and at no cost. I was also given free motel rooms while I was there and the motel room was great with a very nice access to the pool. Thanks to Sani dental and their great Doctors I was able to get alot of work done at a very affordable price and in a clean and very professional and painless manner. I can speak with assurity that they care about their performance and do a job well worth the time and money put into you. The motels are very clean and safe with outstanding security in a gated comunity. If you come in late from a nightout drinking at the bar they are kind enough to open the gates with a on duty security guard who was very pleasant and professional. The pool was very clean and the patio area was to die for very quaint and cozy. The restaurant food was very affordable and tasty and good portioned. The free transportation was a little rough but at least it was provided and the driver was excellent. I have made at least 4 visits there so far and each time was pleasant. There are a few things I advise however 1) Be careful at the border going in as the border agents are becoming more confrontational and questioning your business. 2) Bring a pillow , (they need updated there) 3) Eat dinner early afternoon no later than 5pm as the retaurants close soon thereafter. 4) If you want a pool be sure to ask for the motel with it or they will put you in their other motel without one. 5) In order to get the free motel rooms you have to spend a certain amount, I believe on dental work. Other than that, kudos to Sani Dental!!!!