Patient Review

Marina Lawson

Hemet, USA

Everyone at this clinic is so welcoming and friendly. They make sure that you are as pain free as possible during your procedure and constantly ask if you are okay. They answer all your questions and the best part is that they will stand behind their work. I originally had 6 root canals and 7 crowns done in 2016. Two of the crowns were not fitting quite right so when I went back for my check up this year, they took x-rays, and even did a CT to confirm there were no other issues. After evaluation they agreed the crowns needed to be replaced so all this was done under the warranty of my original crowns in 2016 with no additional charge. I did need an additional root canal, crown and also my husband and I had a deep cleaning and this cost $650.00. The office is spotless, they have free wifi, TV ,computers, and comfy seating while you wait for your treatment. It is an easy 5 min walk from the border crossing but if you don't want to deal with all the hagglers along the way, they can also pick you up or escort you to the office if needed.