Patient Review

Jack Mosca

California, United States

Remarkable experience at Sani Dental. The wonderful caring people from the Doctors at the office to the parking lot attendant at the Cielito Lindo Hotel made the 3 night stay of having 16 crowns completed, as you say, on my "Dental Vacation", as good an experience as I could have had. Dr. Enrique Jimenez has done a remarkable job with the quality people he has assembled to complete a very complicated and extremely technical business in a foriegn country to most of his customers. THE FRONT DESK: The Front Desk is an important step to the overall success of your visit. I would estimate there are 6 Front Desk employees and every Front Desk employee speaks fluent English. Mr. Luis Padilla is a front desk employee, he was my contact thru the entire process. When you call Sani for an appointment a Front Desk employee is who you will be speaking to. Have pen ready to write their name and the phone number they will provide. You can direct your questions directly to them, before, during and after your visit. Mr. Padilla did a great job to enhance the entire visit. Understand, Sani Dental is not a one dentist office. Good communication is imperative. I began my dental work in February with an X Ray and consultation with Dr. Mikel and Mr. Luis Padilla (Front Desk). We discussed what needed to be done, was presented with pricing and made the decision to start. Mr. Padilla made my appointment to have 3 implants in March. The implants were done by a terrific young Dr. Omar, and his very competent assistant Ana. His professionalism and dental excellence were completed with little to no pain. My wife and I had planned to stay the night, however with no pain we drove home and had dinner. No pain in the morning either. All three implants were successful as I learn in September. Thank you Dr. Omar and Ana. Implants take time to strengthen so in August Mr. Padilla made an appointment for me to start and finish my 16 crowns in September. I meet another fine young Dr. Guillermo and his assistant Hector. Once again his professionalism, dental excellence and patience (2 - long sittings) were done with little to no pain and the finished crowns not only look great they feel great. I had 13 front top and bottom teeth crowned with Zirconia crowns. The three implants were back teeth. Dr Guillermo is a true artist and an excellent cosmetic dentist. Thank you Dr. Guillermo and Hector. I cannot end without mentioning the people of Algodones and Sani Dental. What you will find as an American about Algodones is the fact it is a SAFE CITY. My wife and I spent 3 nights in the Sani owned Cielito Lindo Hotel. In the hotel and its surrounding Sani businesses every Sani employee will go out of their way to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The resturant staff, the hotel office managers, the parking lot attendants and the woman who clean the rooms were excellent. A nice experience considering nobody likes going to the dentist. A special thanks to Mr. Miguel Sandoval the manager of the Front Dest and Mrs. Diana Mirazo. Sani Dental is a great company with Great People. TAKE THE LEAP - THE QUALITY OF THE DENTAL WORK FIRST AND FOREMOST IS EXCELLENT - THE PRICE IS THE BONUS. Sincerely Jack Mosca