Patient Review

Brandi Behlke

Chandler, United States

It has only been a week since I had 19 Zirconia crowns put in & I am extremely happy with them. I was originally going to go with eMax but after more discussion, I went with Zirconia. I am a huge pansy about needles & this is was my first time to the dentist without the use of was virtually painless! I only needed pain medication the first day & really more of a preventative once the numbness wore off. Everyone was very pleasant, helpful & Dr. Alan was gentle & explained what was going on. His assistant was very friendly as well & I didn't have any issues with a language barrier as I only speak English. The clinic was clean, everything was sterilized & the equipment was more up to date than my USA dentist. I highly recommend Sani Platinum & enjoyed my stay at Hacienda as well that was included in the cost of my treatment. It took 5 days for the treatment...There was somewhat of a wait for 1 appointment & one schedule change that the hotel let me know about ahead of time. They apologized but the previous patient had taken longer than originally planned. I appreciated that they took care of the patient as needed & felt comfortable that they would do the same for me if needed. I will definitely be back to Sani for any future work I need & have referred all my friends & family!! Keep up the good work & thanks for giving me back a beautiful smile!