Patient Review

Sandra Brownlee

Nashville, USA

I've always been afraid to go to the dentist, but I never in my wildest dreams did I think that traveling to different country to get dental work done would be a great experience - but trust me, it was. I say that because of the way I was treated by Sani Dental. From the moment we arrived at Hacienda Los Algodones, we were taken care of by Sani Dental. They must be used to scaredy-cats like me because they were so accommodating and friendly. They even had a delightful lady named Linda (originally from the US) who popped in almost every morning and gave us insider tips on whatever we needed, even down to where to get really great ice cream in Los Algondones (great for tender gums)! You know, I really didn't know what to expect, but all in all I was amazed by the staff's kindness and by how professional and up to date their facility was. My mouth feels like it's been to a dental spa, if you can imagine that. One big thing I haven't mentioned is how affordable dental work is here. We paid way way less than we would have. even though we had dental insurance. That was the original reason we came - but we got so much more. I could say a lot more, but the bottom line is - I was very well taken care of, and I would highly recommend Sani Dental Group to anyone! Sandra Brownlee