Patient Review

James Campbell

Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA

When I realized I needed significant dental work I began a web search for affordable dental tourism options. I found a number of dental clinics, ranging from Costa Rica to Cancun to Los Algodones. After carefully reviewing former patient's comments I settled on Sani Dental Group because of the overwhelming number of favorable comments. I had imagined, based on the condition of my teeth and a visit to my local dentist, that an All-On-Four procedure would be needed. When I had my initial consultation at Sani I was quite pleased that a much more conservative (and less expensive) approach would restore my dental health. Instead of the All-On-Four replacement procedure we decided that caps, several implants and two bridges would suffice. After three visits to Algodones over about six months the results are fantastic. I look better and feel better, and am quite pleased with my new smile and the ability to eat "normally" again. Here are the positive things I noted and the suggestions I would make to anyone considering Sani Dental Group: • Make use of the Patient Coordinators; feel free to contact them be email or phone. • Stay in Los Algodones at either Hotel Cielito Lindo or La Hacienda; take advantage of their special rates for dental patients. • Crossing the border is easy; the town of Los Algodones is quite safe; nearly everyone speaks English and is quite accommodating. Everyone at the clinic is helpful and fluent in English. • The quality of care is outstanding. Dr. Karen, who did most of the work for me, is very competent and well-trained. Even a root canal performed by Dr. Gisela was painless. • My new caps and bridges fit perfectly. While I could see no flaws in one set, Dr. Karen wasn’t satisfied and had them returned to the lab to be redone to her satisfaction. I appreciate that level of care and professionalism. Would I recommend Sani Dental Group? I would most highly; the care they give at an affordable price makes them an outstanding choice.