Patient Review

Leslie Howard

Las Vegas, U.S.

I was extremely pleased with my root canal procedure. There are several steps prior to you meeting with the Dr. Everything and everyone has their position from taking information and for X-rays and by the way the equipment is state of the Art. Then you are escorted to a room where a technician looks over the X-rays and speaks to you in regards as to what they see and thoughts. I was then brought into a room where Dr. Martha Eugenia Parra Ruiz ?Endodontics I recognized her from her photo on line and I said that as I was walked into the room. Dr. Martha has some incredible background and all kinds of further education. Dr. Martha took her time and was very meticulous in regards to the steps she took as she did her procedures. First I must say that she gave one of the most gentle injections where I didn't need to clench my hands or tighten my toes and after I commented on that. I had a huge filling probably 30-40 years old I'm guessing so she had to take awhile to drill it all out so she could start doing her procedure. I can tell as she was working as I have had root canals before that she was cleaning the roots out and then she followed up with different procedures. Dr. Martha used a plastic type of seperater so she could make sure there was proper space between teeth, then filing in with a temporary paste as I need to have a special procedure afterwards before I get a crown. I can tell the way she operated as to her touch and smoothing out the area where I would not have to feel any sharp edges. Everything was smooth. I would highly recommend her for any root canal and my tooth was very large in the back. It's apparent she knows her stuff. I was hesitant as I wanted someone who only does root canals but with her background and years of experience I decided to ultimately use her for the procedure.