Patient Review

Kristie Yunker

Ester, Alaska, USA

I knew that I had problems with my teeth - several had cracked or were broken, including my front two teeth, which caused me embarrassment and great concern. I had always had a nice smile, and I was afraid that it would never be the same. My dentist here in Alaska estimated a cost of $17,000 to fix the problems I had last fall, and even more problems had arisen since then. I contacted the clinic by email and received a call the very next day. I set up an appointment, and when I arrived, I was immediately taken care of by Virginia, who spoke perfect English. Most of the personnel in the clinic spoke English, a relief to me, since my high school Spanish is rusty after 40 years... By the end of the first day, I had received a panoramic Xray, was seen by a diagnostician, and I had begun the repair process with four root canals. Dr. Paul prepared my teeth to receive 26 crowns, all created locally in Los Algodones, and they are beautiful. My new smile is even better than my original one because Dr. Paul "fixed" a tooth that had been pushed out of place and was noticeably crooked. The cost of the treatment I received was a fraction of what it would be at home, even factoring in the travel to Mexico. And since the work is guaranteed, I know that if something goes wrong in the first two years, I can return to have it fixed. I am more than happy with the results overall, and will recommend Sani Dental Group to my friends.