Patient Review

Merletta Hollingsworth

Rocky Mountain House, Canada

I started going to Sani Dental 3 years ago. The first time was to get 10 teeth extracted & 2 partials. I was awake for this procedure. Then last November I went & got the last 15 teeth extracted, a sinus lift, a bone graft, and 4 implants put in on the bottom. I asked to be sedated, which I was. I was out for approximately 6 hours. Then I came back on April 27, 2017 to get my teeth put into the bottom & get the top implants put in. But my bone graft did not work so they took it out & I will have to heal from this before I can get another bone graft in & then I can get the top implants in. This was the second time that I was sedated. All went well & I am very pleased with all the care that they have given me. I went on Saturday to do impressions for my bottom temp implants & my top plate. I will go back on Monday & get the bite checked & then on Tuesday I will have some teeth in my mouth. The first time since November 2016. I have had some really great people that have worked with me to get where I am at. I was told it would be a long process to get it all done but it would be worth it at the end result. At this time I have been very satisfied with all the help & care that I have received. I would recommend going here to anyone. The care & cost & cleanliness cannot be beat.