Patient Review

Paul Timmons

Fallon Nv, USA

I had 3 implants and 3 filling done in 1 visit that took approx 2 1/2 hours from time I walked in the door. I experienced very little pain as they had numbed me up really good. I had visited my dentist at home a few months prior to my trip to Sani Dental, so I knew in advance what needed to be done. I did not tell Sani about this and was wondering what they would tell me my needs were. They gave me the exact diagnosis as back home but at around half the cost. I was worried about a language barrier but was advised before, during, and after in english. I go back in November for the crowns so will know then how it all turns out. I will recommend to my friends and family. I made this 1400 mile round trip with 4 nights in hotels just for the implants, but I still saved Thousands. Great Doctors, Great People, THANK YOU Sani Dental