Patient Review

Tupper Jones

Phoenix, United States

Dr Ivan was excellent. Very considerate, worked hard... worked to make it a great experience and have excellent results... and really supporting us to keep on schedule as opposed to waiting 2 extra days. Also, Alonso Castro was also excellent... working to make sure we could get the work done on time with the logistics of scheduling other patients and various delays in schedules. I was amazed and impressed that the owner pulled some strings to get us out on our scheduled time as opposed to two days late. I felt the root canals were unusual. Very different and much more pain and patience required than other root canals I have had in the past. The technique was different than anything I have experienced before and while I respect the dentist very much, very precise in what was done and worked hard... it was just different and took so much longer and as a result, more pain, than my other previous root canals. Overall, I am VERY HAPPY!